Sunday, September 28, 2014

The wind is disgusting today, tearing through the trees, banging fences and roofs, pulling at the newly planted seedlings in the garden.  As I was walking through the yard, collecting anything likely to blow away, the wheelie bin came bowling along and tumbled into the rose bed.  I had to extricate it while the wind slapped maliciously at me and leaves and branches whirled past my head.  Not a day to spend outside, methinks.

Yesterday I did a fair bit of sewing, watching Seinfeld episodes right from the beginning;  the actors were so young they look like teenagers.  I know it all so well, I can sew madly and just look up at the bits I really love.

I have 2 more blocks left to assemble, and then I will have 20.
 I am debating with myself over the border fabric.  I have 5 metres of paisley that my sensible self says would be fine; my silly self wants to go to the quilt shop at Jamestown and buy 2 metres of a new blue, that I have only a FQ of.  If I use the paisley, it could be finished tonight.  If I drive to the quilt shop, I won't get the top in one piece before Wednesday at least.  We're still arguing about it.

I just did a tutorial on the house shapes I'm using, but I've left it as a separate post, so I can link back to it if I need to refer someone to it. 


Gypsy Quilter 1:03 PM  

Dolly and I vote for a trip to the quilt shop. After all, they probably have something else you need and it's too windy to work outside.

Brenda 1:15 PM  

My vote is for the shop as well. You know you want to...

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