Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Now that I've got a few days to myself, before the next lot of work is due, I'm clearing out drawers and organising the remaining UFOs.  I pulled out a drawer containing some jellyroll strips, and found another project that never even made it to the UFO list.  It was a set of blocks made from Park Avenue pre-cuts, first blogged about in this post.

 At least I know exactly how old it is, it's very useful to be able to date things through the blog.  Anyway, I decided three and a half years was enough time to 'age' in the cupboard, so I started making more of  them.

It's quite a complicated block to put together, but once it's broken down into units it's a lot more manageable. 

The 5-sided 'house' units are one of my favourite shapes, and I cut them from 4.5" squares, nipping off the corners with the Easy Angle.  I'll do a little tutorial on them tomorrow, there are a few ways to cut them.  I know I can make them with 2.5" strips, but I hate that seam up the middle.

The nine-patches in the middle are easy, just a little bit fiddly with the half inch border;

the corner units are simple piecing, and I cut the HSTs with the Go Cutter so it's even easier. 

I'm aiming for 16 or 20 blocks, and I have 4 finished,

8 kitted

and 4 more mostly cut out;

 it's a good project to use up those 30 minute segments before I go to work in the morning.  I try to make all the units at once, rather than whole blocks, it suits my short sewing sessions.
I can just send all the HSTs through without thinking, perfect for early morning sewing when I might not be really alert.  Then the next morning I sew up the corner units.  I like accumulating all the pieced units, and once they're done, the blocks go together so quickly it's like magic.  I'm looking forward to that moment with this project, hopefully before the end of the week.  I get to add the project to the UFO list, and cross it off in the same week!


Karen 11:17 PM  

I love this pattern, your fabrics are so yummy, this quilt is going to be gorgeous.

Tazzie 1:01 PM  

Gorgeous blocks Keryn, and I love the fabrics too.

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