Saturday, September 13, 2014

We had a bit of a scare with the dogs last weekend.  They both went off their food, and that was a worry. There's nothing sadder than a Staffy who doesn't want to eat.  Dolly is fussy, but she always shows up for dinner, or the crackle of a packet.  Pippi's motto is "Eat it quick, decide if it was nice afterwards".  Instead of barging about in the centre of everything they were hiding in corners and staying in bed; not the way they normally behave.

They went to the vet on Monday, and he said it was either a mild case of Parvo, or a really bad E.Coli infection.  They got cortisol and antibiotic injections, and tablets to take for the next 5 days; Dolly was much worse than Pippi, so she got a bottle of white stuff that would help settle her insides.  The first time I gave it to her, her eyes went completely round with shock, and she coughed it back all over me; it was such a strong peppermint flavour, she'd never tasted anything like it! 

I'm glad I completely trust her, especially when I'm putting antibiotic tablets down the back of her throat and all those teeth are around my hand.  She quickly realised that after the tablet she got a treat; when I picked up the bottle she came running to sit between my feet, then danced around in circles after it went down the hatch.  She's a funny little thing, and it's so good to see her back in high spirits.


Jan 2:07 AM  

How frightening - just like babies in that they can't tell us what is wrong verbally. Happy to hear that you took quick action & the pups are on the mend.
My little guy Murray hears "pill" and thinks it's another type of treat. I wrap inside a bit of turkey & it slides down lickety split.

Diane-crewe 4:58 AM  

I hope they are soon back to normal .. such a worry x I have 2 and love them to bits x always worse because they cannot use words to say whats wrong .. just those sad faces x

Sandy 7:07 AM  

How scary. I hope they're doing ok...

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