Thursday, September 04, 2014

I finished another UFO last week;  I really love this pattern, but I didn't like the materials that I used in these blocks.  I was cleaning out my scrap drawers and used any old thing that came to hand, and I don't like the result at all. 

I was on the point of pitching them into the Orphan Box, but then decided I could deal with them once and for all by making a large table runner.  It's about 28 x 34, and I'll quilt it simply and then it can go to work protecting my furniture from scratches.

I still want a full-size quilt in this pattern, so sometime soon I will kit up a whole heap of blocks, but they will be made of my best fabric, not the dregs of the scrap bin.  And I get to cross another UFO off the list; 19 finished to the Top stage this year, and I'm not sick of them yet.

I'm working on some old leftover Stack & Whack blocks now, just squares;

 I only had 4 repeats of the fabric, so I had to make do with that.  It's not my usual style, but in the'90s I was teaching workshops a lot of the time and this was the sort of thing I made.
 The colours are sweet, and I still like the big floral print; it makes a change from the reproduction palette I usually work from.

I've been leap-frogging between four UFO projects and I'm tired of it.  Tonight I need to get serious and actually finish one of them.


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