Thursday, February 19, 2015

I finished a long term UFO a while ago, and forgot to blog about it.  I started this more than 10 years ago, and finished the blocks in 2006.  I was stumped when it came to the border, and it's been in the Too Hard pile ever since.

 I got out the top  last year and hung it over a corner of the design wall, and waited for inspiration to strike.  There were a couple of ideas that I tried, but nothing seemed right.  Finally I realised that I didn't want a fussy, clever border; it just needed something to frame the blocks. 
This pale floral was perfect, and it only took a couple of hours to cut the borders and attach them. 
These blocks were strip-pieced with some of my most precious, tiny scraps, even bits that only finished at 1/4" wide. 
I tried to get a colourwash effect in the pieced strips, going from light to dark.
I really had a lot of fun making these, and I'm so glad that now I can start planning the quilting.  I hope to have this quilt hanging on a wall so that I can admire it every day.


Carla 8:58 PM  

Love this! I can't figure out the process though. Looks like it should be easy enough to put together. Kinda like a disappearing nine patch method?

Rose Marie 5:58 AM  

When the center is busy .... simple borders help to tame the overall look. Love what you did!

Sue SA 11:34 AM  

Always wanted to do a colour wash, but never got around to it, but love your combination with the black borders, makes it look like a mosaic or tiled floor, very effective. Another long term UFO busted, you are going great guns!

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