Monday, February 16, 2015

Lots of work has kept me away from the computer, hence the lack of posts.  After nearly 10 years of blogging I still haven't perfected the short, pop-in update.  Maybe in another 10 years I'll get the hang of it.

I've been trying to tidy up, as well as cut kits for the multiple projects I've started.  They all seem to involve cadet blue and light reds or wine-red fabrics.  It seems silly to cut what I need for one project, pack it all away, then pull it out again for the other projects, so I've been trying to kit all of them at once.  My head is in a whirl and there are bits of fabric everywhere, but  I think I'm making progress.

I designed this strip-pieced quilt and started cutting for in 2009; it's been sitting in a project drawer ever since, along with the pile of fabric I set aside for it. 

I made the decision to get busy and finish it, and finally it's done.  It took up every spare minute for two weeks, in between my other work.  It was a lot of sewing, but I enjoyed every minute.  I love the fact that I just had to make the strip-pieced sets, and subcut them to arrive at the pieces for the blocks.  It reminds me of a woven coverlet, so I'm calling it Coverlet; it's a lovely fresh colour scheme, nice and summery, I seem to be obsessed with red, white and blue lately.

Third top for 2015, and second UFO finish.

As for what's on my cutting table, there are still lots of red,white and blue fabrics.
I'm cutting 2"strips for the cheddar and blue blocks;
 2.5" strips for these 4-patch 9-patch blocks;
 1.5" and 3" strips for these Cracker blocks, also a longterm UFO.
I'm using up some fabrics entirely, which would make me panic if I didn't know that there is a wealth of red and blue fabrics out there to replace them.  I will have an excuse to buy some of this, and my stash will be rejuvenated, instead of depleted.  Oh Goody!!


Terry 11:07 PM  

Your coverlet quilt is wonderful! If you wouldn't mind to share, I'd love to know your method for making the blocks. Your blog and your quilts are always how you interpret traditional patterns into your own unique quilts. This one's especially interesting - just love its graphic, scrappy, orderliness.

Gretchen Weaver 7:57 AM  

The Coverlet quilt top is so pretty. I really like it.

I always feel kind of guilty when I make a short post, but sometimes that is all time allows.

Karen in Breezy Point 9:50 AM  

I love the Coverlet--awesome design!

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