Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I've been on a sewing jag for the last week, I can't seem to stop.  I've started cutting for at least 4 new projects, and there is fabric on every surface of my sewing room.  It's so much fun, but I'm going to have to stop and get my bearings soon, so I can see where the heck I'm going!
I've kitted around 30 of these cheddar and blue 4-patch blocks;

I'm trying to be daring and use the eye-popping yellows and golds and oranges in the stash, even though it's not easy. 
I keep wanting to tone it down, but if I can't use these colours then they shouldn't be in my stash.  At least I'm using them up, even if I may not be brave enough to use such a strongly coloured quilt.  'Be Bold!'  I keep telling myself, but it's a struggle.
Ah four-patches! It seems the whole quilt world is infatuated with them right now....
 And there are nine-patches as well, for an unspecified quilt.  I'm just using up scraps and strips with these, and I'll find a use for them later.  They are wonderful leader-enders.

Some madness overtook me and made me cut up a lot of my charm squares to make these 3" nine-patches.  They are so addictive, I can't stop making them, it's lucky that they are so easy to cut and put together. 
They are going to end up as these little 4.25" blocks, and hopefully all those triangles will whittle down the drawers full of scraps. 
I need to get my scraps in control, and that means picking a pattern and cutting them all up, without thinking.  I'm so tired of "Saving" every last little bit, and then never using those bits.  I've been ruthless in the past and got rid of all the little bits, so I know I can do it again.  I'd like to have a go at using most of them first, but when it's not fun anymore I'll pitch whatever is left.

I might need to stock up on charm squares; I can't believe I'm actually using my precious little bundles.  They have so much variety in them, it's a joy to pick through them.  It will be fun to add a few more to the next online shopping expedition.


jude's page 7:36 PM  

Maybe those cheddars and golds will be "toned" down a bit when you quilt it??

jude's page 7:37 PM  

I meant to add that the quilter can fix everything can't she??

Karen 7:46 PM  

You have organized chaos in the sewing room.

Litamora's Quilt & Design 10:36 AM  

Love the fabrics you use! I am trying to sort out my ufo's and sorting leftovers from previous projects, and try to organize them and use them up. I know it might take a lifetime, but I'm having fun anyway ;o)

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