Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm using the tutorial from Exuberant Colour for my crosses; Part 2 is first, scroll down to find Part 1. The actual sewing will be straightforward,  it's arranging the colours that is taking up so much time.

My problem is that I'm not judging the value of the fabrics very well; something looks light to me, and on the design wall it turns out to be medium; or a medium value becomes very dark. 

I need to place fabrics in just the right spot to maintain the cross pattern, or I just get big blended areas of colour, and that's not what I'm after. 

I didn't want to add any pale neutrals to this mix, I wanted it just colours of blue, green and all shades in between, but I had to admit that it looks better with some really light crosses sprinkled in.  Mereth donated some lighter blues from her tiny batik stash, and they've helped add some interest and movement to the whole.
One of the hazards of using batiks is that pieces cut from one fabric can look so different; I may take out this predominately beige piece and replace it with a square that has more blue in it, but I won't decide that till I have the whole thing laid out.

My design wall isn't big enough for me to lay the whole thing out, so I'm constructing the rows for the top half;
when I get them done I'll switch them round and lay them out upside-down on the bottom part of the design wall, with some of each strip on the floor; then I can build the remainder of the top half up where I can reach it easily.

It's starting to be fun, and I'm eager to get this finished so I can go on to the next one; something really simple is in order, maybe a Many Trips Around The World, or just rectangles.  I'm enjoying playing with different fabrics for a change.


gayle 2:20 PM  

I've found that the camera often catches value better than my eyes do. When something doesn't look right, I take a picture and study it. Subtle things can become obvious through the camera's lens.

Barb 8:38 PM  

I love this, it's beautiful. The construction could be confusing, you have have to really keep track of each row to be sure you maintain the crosses, wow. Thanks for posting about it.

Karen 10:52 PM  

Such a fresh look with the blues and greens. Like spring.

Gypsy Quilter 11:05 PM  

You've really challenged yourself with this one; however, I know you enjoy the process. It reminds me of the water off the coast of Cape Cod. Happy sewing.

Karen in Breezy Point 12:10 AM  

It's coming along beautifully--love the colors!

Ann at Prairie Primrose 10:41 PM  

I love the choice of colors! With the batiks it is always interesting to see the subtle changes in color!

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