Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm declaring my quilt a success.

I love the colours and the pattern, and the border.  It was interesting to make, from start to finish, even the problems at the beginning when I couldn't get the colour values right.
I had to eke the border out of three half metres of fabric, 2 of which I'd already sliced strips from for the body of the quilt.  Mereth suggested making these joins in the border, to help blend the fabrics into each other, and it worked really well.

I put the very dark green/blue in opposite corners to balance the border, and I really like how that looks in the finished top.  I wasn't going to have a narrow inner border, but there were 4 strips of dark blue left over from the jellyroll; I cut them in half, so  I had enough inch and a quarter strips for a very narrow border.  I like how it separates the border from the centre, it's only a small pop of deep blue but it really adds to the overall effect.
 I really enjoyed working with these fabrics, I loved the patterns and the play of colour within each fabric.
I didn't have a lot of blue and green, so I included quite a few grey fabrics, and some light apricot browns and blacks.  The overall effect is a blue/green quilt.
So Operation Batik was a success; I'm ready to start another one straight away.


Dasha 9:34 PM  

Absolutely lovely Keryn. And all that worrying that it was too muted. Its perfect. I often do a narrow border like yours. I like the way it defines the edge of the quilt from the border.

Barb 10:18 PM  

Wow, what a knock out quilt. I love it! It's a brilliant idea to piece that outer border, it appears to mimic the color movement/shifts of the quilt itself. Thanks for sharing.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson 10:53 PM  

It is definitely a success! Working within a color scheme and batiks is much harder than making it in multicolor and regular quilting fabric prints. You did a great job with the value choices.

Karen in Breezy Point 11:59 PM  

Just beautiful--the narrow inner border is the perfect touch!

Mary Johnson 6:04 AM  

I've got a PLUS quilt on my to do list too and seeing yours makes me want to make it right now. This is gorgeous.

QuiltinLibraryLady 6:33 AM  

Beautiful...definitely a success! I think without the dark blue inner border it might have been kind of "blah". Don't you just love batiks?

jude's page 5:36 PM  

It's gorgeous, well done.

sewyouquilt2 5:27 PM  

funny how I was just starting a plus quilt and then came across your post. love love love it! gorgeous

Julierose 12:21 AM  

This is absolutely the values...hugs, Julierose

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