Tuesday, August 04, 2015

 My sewing room is covered in fabric, and I just don't know how to get it organised. 

 I have so many small pieces left over from cutting quilts, many of them less than half a FQ. 
What do I do with them, how do I decide whether to store them or cut them into strips or triangles or squares?  I'm completely undecided about how to tackle these leftovers.

I did used to cut them up into several sized strips and put them into the scrap drawers, but then I found I was sick of seeing them in each scrap drawer.  And now I don't particularly like making random scrap quilts, so I don't want to go back to that.  I'm thinking that I need to choose a couple of quilt patterns that use one size strip, and then cut everything up into that size.

I have two strip dies for the Accuquilt, and I love them. 
All these 2" strips were cut in about 2 minutes; there are five strips of each fabric.  All I had to do was layer the scraps and then send the die through the machine.  It cuts 4 strips, and I can do 5 layers at a time comfortably, so that's 20 with each pass.  It certainly is a quick way to deal with all the leftovers.
I am planning several quilts based on 2" strips, and this is one of my favourite blocks ever. 
 I've already made several quilts in this pattern, but I love piecing it, and the cutting is a breeze. I like the fact that it takes two main fabrics, putting the colour combinations together is pure fun.
I have 3 blocks finished, 8 blocks kitted completely and loads more pieces cut, so this project is well underway.  I still have to decide how to use the scrap pieces that I don't want to cut into strips, and there are plenty of them.  Maybe I will choose a triangle die and cut them into a bazillion triangles for an Ocean Waves or a Pine Tree quilt.  Decisions, decisions.


Gypsy Quilter 6:18 AM  

I know the feeling. For years and years, I cut mine into 2" and 2-1/2". However, now I like to put the fabric away, stacked by color. It's much easier to have a small piece already starched ready to cut into the size I need it for. Especially since I change my mind so often about what to work on. I've finally given myself permission to work less and decide later.

patricia 6:34 AM  

Does the block have a name?

Judy D in WA 8:56 AM  

This is a fabulous idea. Love that block! Would love to know the name of it. Can't wait to see what it becomes. I love having blocks kitted up, ready to sew.

audrey 9:50 AM  

What a wonderful block! You'd have a quilt made up in no time with all those pieces!

Tammy Hutchinson 9:57 AM  

I too would love to know the name of that block! Do you start with a 9 patch, then add the corners? About sorting leftovers-I like to keep all scraps less than a fat quarter sorted by color, but not chopped up any smaller. I never know what size I might need, and having 7-9 small tubs, each with a different color group is just as space saving as having the same number of bins of different sizes - and less work when cleaning up from a project!

Sue SA 1:15 PM  

Nice block, looks complicated to me, but I guess the middle is just a nine patch, is that how you start making it? Another question....do you leave the corners like that and add one square or do you put triangles in the corners?

jude's page 3:32 AM  

Yep, I too have all these left over pieces, that I need to do something with. One of those "gunna do" projects!

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