Sunday, August 30, 2015

I seem to have become obsessed with cutting strips, but that's a good thing.
Most of the fabrics I'm cutting are really old, and they have been sitting in the fabric drawers long enough.  Every time I go to pick blues for a project I pass over these, because they aren't repro patterns or colours.  'They're for my modern blue and green quilt' I tell myself, and jam the drawer shut.  
Their time has come.  I'm not giving them another 5 years to marinate.  My fabric isn't exposed to much light at all, but many of the older FQs had fade lines when they were unfolded.  After another few years they would be un-useable.  Dyes have changed over the years, modern ones are much more stable, but blues really do seem to be worse than other colours.  
I've stripped up dozens of FQs and pieces cut from yardage, and I don't feel the need to stop yet.  I'm planning three quilts based on 2" squares, one Queen Size and two smaller.  If I need to gift a quilt to a family member it's going to be a modern one, because no-one likes my repro ones.  After I'm done working on these quilts I should have a nice stockpile ready.

I'm doing Bonnie's  Scrappy Trips first, and the sewing is so meditative; I just sit and feed strips through the machine like a production line.  There's not a lot of thinking needed.  I have 17 blocks done, aiming for 30, or 42, depending on how I feel.  

I would like to do a Scrappy Bargello next, and then another more planned zig-zag pattern.  There's every chance I'll get sick of working with these colours and the same shape, but I'm not too worried.  I'll just pack it all up as kits, and the next time I want an easy project they'll be waiting.  I'll be able to get the blues drawer shut easily after this, though my next shopping trip will probably include some new blues.  It's still my favourite colour.


Sue SA 7:39 AM  

I love that green in with the blues, it works beautifully.

Kristie 11:07 AM  

I did that a few years ago and it worked well for me. I love my repros but it seemed like I had a lot of other fabrics that I was not using so I cut them up into squares and strips. :) Love how you are using the blue and green together. I may have to follow your lead on that after I get a few other projects finished first.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Judy Dietrich 12:30 PM  

Your trips top in greens & blues is fantastic!! Just makes me want to go cut some strips & get started.

Karen 8:36 AM  

You must have a wonderful stash. Love all those blues and greens.

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