Sunday, August 30, 2015

Collage August 2015

8 months of the year gone, and I have 8 tops finished.  That seems a paltry figure, compared to my 22 finishes last year, but one a month is OK.  This year has been very family oriented, with lots of work thrown in, and I just haven't had the sewing time that I used to have.
I started out this year wanting to have collages of everything I finished each month, but you can't have a collage of one photo!  So here are the quilts I've finished so far this year, with another four months to go.

 Jarred Takes A Wife, Coverlet, Madder Stars and Framed Kansas Dugout
Cracker, Split Nine-patch, Crosses and Trip Around The World

There are four UFOs, and four new projects in that lot; pretty evenly balanced I'd say.
I've used up a lot of blues this year, and that's without the latest cutting marathon.  I've earned a shopping spree in the blue aisle, :)


Chookyblue...... 8:42 PM  

well you have worked on busy quilts with lots of bits so I think you have done so well..........

Tammy Hutchinson 1:18 AM  

Not too shabby for this year, I say! I think I want to make Jared Takes a Wife! Thanks for reminding me!?:)

Karen in Breezy Point 1:33 AM  

Well, it may only be one per month, but it's still pretty impressive! They are all lovely quilts--congratulations!

Judy Dietrich 7:20 AM  

All wonderful finishes & I would be happy to have that many. They are all different in designs. I think madder stars is my favorite. Jarred's wife really sparkles too. Very nice job & great collage of gorgeous quilts. I had great plans for this year, but a new job and family changed my schedule!!

Karen 8:33 AM  

My favorite is the one with all the reds.

Gypsy Quilter 2:24 AM  

Yeah, fabric shopping. Have fun!

jude's page 5:43 AM  

I think you have done a fantastic job to get those finished and other stuff in life as well. I wish....

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) 10:52 PM  

These are all beautiful - and all so different from each other.

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