Thursday, September 03, 2015

The blue stash is depleted, which was my intention.

What is left fits into two drawers, instead of three.  See those bits of cardboard around the edge of the drawers? They're there to block the light from the fabric, to stop fading.  Didn't work with some of the FQs.
 I may have to cut even more strips to make the three quilts on my list, and then there are borders and bindings to consider.  It's quite exciting to be making such a drastic change to the stash.

I can't do the same with every colour though, the Blues were a special case.  I bought a lot of them on spec, and they didn't fit into my usual quilting style.  My browns and reds and pinks are nearly all repro styles, so they are a lot more precious and reserved for 'good' quilts.  How on earth can non-quilters understand the logic behind that!!
The Scrappy Trips is going to be 36 blocks, 3 more to piece; I may extend the length with a clever edge treatment but I'm undecided at this point. Once it's in one piece I'll have a think about it while I start on the next lot of strip piecing.  It still feels like fun, so I'll keep going; as  soon as it becomes a chore I'll swap projects, because I certainly have a few of them to choose from.


Karen in Breezy Point 8:57 AM  

Lining the bins is such a good idea! I have a few shelves that are very close to a window--I may have to try doing that. I love your blue scrappy trip!

Sue SA 1:49 PM  

Reproductions are precious in my house too, but that's because I seem to buy such small pieces, have to stop buying fat quarters and start buying metres! Love this blue green combo with the dark blue outline.

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