Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The blue and green strips have taken over the sewing room; if I want to get it back I'm going to have to sew them all together quick smart. 

I can't believe I have this many fabrics that I'm willing to use up entirely. Why was I saving them?  I should have done this years ago.

It seems to be taking a long time to get the panels made, but that is because I'm using 2" strips instead of 2.5". The panels are 47 strips long, and it's all a bit cumbersome.  I reeeally don't want to make a mistake with this, and have to unpick anything, so I'm going slowly and carefully.

One panel is finished, and there are three more laid out.  If I could sit down and work at it then I'm sure I could make some serious progress; however, this week is one of those constantly busy ones, with many appointments in different towns, and family commitments.  I'm grabbing every spare moment I can, and I'll get there in the end.
There's no end to these strips.....

 But I still love the colours together.

Along the way I've ended up with 18 unintentional nine-patches, made as leader-enders in between all the strips. 
I don't need more nine-patches, I don't even want them, but I haven't got anything else handy.  I need to find some simple block that I will welcome a stack of. I'm fighting the little Tumblers that Bonnie is making, but I found a jellyroll today that I'd forgotten I had, and maybe I could chop it all into Tumblers.  I'll think about that, while I send all those blue and green strips through the machine.


Karen in Breezy Point 8:22 AM  

I've been trying to resist the tumblers also. I have a die to cut tumblers--I should just do it and sew them along with Bonnie but I hate starting another project!

Linda 9:45 AM  

I think your blue and green strips are looking great. And I LOVE the red 9 patches you made as Leaders and Enders. What a lovely bonus. I should think they would make a small quilt ( perhaps child/ baby size, or a Linus gift?) with some sashing in between the 9 patches? Happy sewing, whenever you get the chance in amongst your busy life.

Sue SA 1:28 PM  

Blue and green is a great combination as is red and white! I have been pinning images of nine patches (scrappy) combined with a snowball block, which looks good, but different depending on where you place the lights in both blocks. Nine patches on their own look fantastic!

Judy Dietrich 5:05 PM  

Finding those stolen moments during busy weeks---gets harder and harder to do. I guess I am glad I am busy, but I would love a sewing time---just for me!! Loving the green and blue TAW quilt top. The size of block with the 2inch strip is fun!!

stephanie @ Luckystarquilts 7:34 PM  

I love all your blues and greens together. I wonder if I have enough strips and bits to do that. Do not resist the urge to make a tumbler quilt! It is sooo much fun; I'm on my second one with a third getting cut out as time permits. Each one will be a different size tumbler and different collection/ color scheme. Jump in!

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