Friday, September 25, 2015

I'm going to make another list for this weekend; it worked quite well last week, until I lost the list.  I did get to cross a lot of things off, but haven't a clue what else was on there. I'm a bit hopeless at organisational things.

Nevertheless, I intend to try again. 

The two blue quilts will get their borders, the fabric is all pressed and ready to cut. 
The sashing for the cheddar and blue blocks was bought on Thursday at Elaine's in Jamestown.  I was organised enough to take the blocks with me, and try them on the fabric to see if the colours worked.   I've attempted to do that before, and left the bag of blocks at home, so I was quite pleased with myself this time.
I tried to use this ancient blue fabric from my stash, but I thought the rigid geometric pattern might cause me some anguish when it was cut into sashes, as the pattern is a bit off-grain; it may end up as the border.

I will be setting those blocks together as soon as I decide how wide to make the sashing.  And how to place the blocks.  
I can't decide if I like them with all the blue four-patches set vertically, or every other block rotated. I think the rotated blocks have a sort of plaid effect.   I'm pondering the photos in between other tasks, and hopefully my On-Board Computer will sort all that out in the background.
Maybe it could also remember where I put last week's list......


Anonymous,  7:48 AM  

I'd put the blocks on point, of course that means side triangles. She'll vou lovely no matter how you set the blocks. Love the blue paisley. You could always put the older blue fabric on the backside of the quilt. Have a lovely day! Gretchen

Judy Dietrich 7:52 AM  

I would love my computer to make up a list, so I could just get to it!! Keeping track of it, is another story. I love your blocks. The cheddar and blue are just striking. The bright blue sashing really makes it. Blues just really vary in their colors---wish you could have used the stash----but it has to look good with all the work!!

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