Saturday, September 12, 2015

There are so many things I want to do on this breezy Sunday morning, I'm going to have to do something alien to me: make a List.  It's been a busy work week, so there are lots of things to catch up on; yesterday I worked till midday, then just did whatever I wanted to and that felt good.  I spun some wool, and messed around in the kitchen and tried to catch up with the blogs I read.  We took the dogs for a long walk on a country track, and admired the beautiful scenery.  It was a nice, relaxing day.

I didn't really feel like sewing, that happens sometimes, so I dug out several bags of fleece I bought a while ago. 

 This one is nice, even if it's got a lot of dirt in it.
This one is rubbish; so tangled, and there is a break in the fibre; it just disintegrates when I pull on it.  Maybe I need to learn how to felt?

My pet peeve is people shoving fleece into tiny plastic bags until it's a tangled useless mess; so while I got cross at the Ebay seller who described one third rate fleece as 'a spinner's dream' I also derived some satisfaction from sorting out the few useable bits.  I can see an afghan in my future, made from all these small amounts of mismatched stuff.

I washed a little bit of each, so that I could spin it today and decide what sort of yarn they wanted to be.

It was too early to go to bed, and I still didn't want to sew!  I stood at the ironing board and ironed all the fabric I want to include in the next blue quilt, then cut pieces to load onto the 2" die.  I didn't have the energy to send them through the Go Cutter, but that will be a fun thing to do this morning.  I really like doing all the dull stuff last thing at night and setting up the fun stuff for the next day.
That's quite a pile of fabric, and it will be a LOT of strips later today.
Then the fun will start, arranging them into stripsets for the Scrappy Bargello.  But first I need to get a cup of coffee and make that list.


Mary Johnson 10:11 PM  

I don't even have time to knit all the things I want to much less spin my own yarn!

I've got one of these in my future too ... Wondering how many blocks I can get from a Jelly Roll since I've been buying them up on sale.

Chris the Quilter 5:33 AM  

How do you wash the fleece before you spin it?

Sure it will look lovely in an afghan

sewkalico 12:54 PM  

I need a list! I don't get much done, have so much to do... just turning circles...

Karen in Breezy Point 9:54 AM  

Those fabrics are already looking like a fun project--can't wait to see the results!

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