Saturday, September 05, 2015

One late night saw the blocks all joined together, so now it's just the borders to deal with. 

The quilt is wanting these two, but that light blue is in the Precious pile; I've had plans for that ever since I bought it. 
 That's all well and good, but look at the date on the selvedge! 
Admittedly I would have bought this a few years after it was released in America, but that's still close to 15 years in the stash.  Should I just use it and buy another pretty blue for my Someday quilt?  I'm going to have to think about that for a while, and maybe do some browsing online to see what's available.
 And this one is an oldie too; I have some ancient things in my stash, but I still like them, so why would I get rid of them?  I just need to actually use them.


Mary Johnson 8:41 PM  

I say use it. I found myself saving fabrics for quilts I never made. Now if a fabric works I use it unless it's for a quilt I plan to start right away.

Chris the Quilter 9:40 PM  

It does set the quilt off nicely

Judy Dietrich 11:04 PM  

The light blue fabric really goes with the quilt top!!

Kleine Vingers 11:52 PM  

Fabric bought with a quilt in mind is nice but when it ends in the stash for some time is a bit of a waste, that is what I think. So I would use the fabric that fits so nice with the quilt you've made and you might find another precious fabric for the project in mind.
Many greetings

Karen in Breezy Point 9:41 AM  

I understand about the precious pile--lol! That fabric does look very nice with your top though!

Linda 12:33 PM  

Definitely use it! It's not doing any good lying in a drawer for "Some Day". If you think the 1998 one or the 2001 fabric fit the bill for your quilt border then cut into it. There will be scraps and strings left to add to other quilt in the future. And we all know what happens to scraps. ......... They mysteriously multiply!

Sue SA 2:57 PM  

Hmmm using favorite fabrics in a quilt is not getting rid of them, its just bringing them out for show and tell! I had some of that 2001 blue, its in the quilt that is currently on our bed :)

Karen 3:31 AM  

You put the blues to good use. Attractive quilt.

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