Wednesday, September 23, 2015

For some reason, the Bargello quilt seemed to be a lot more work than the Scrappy Trips.

It took a lot of organising to make those long panels with 47 strips in each; I tried really hard to get the seam allowances to nest together (and failed). I tried to use 47 different fabrics in each panel, and not have them near the same fabric in adjoining panels (and failed).  I tried really hard not to make a mistake and sew anything wrong (and failed).  The last panel was sewn on upside down, so the squares went up for two panels, instead of up and down.  I tried to like that effect, (and failed), then got a cup of coffee and the seam ripper and took it apart.  So now that seam is sewn correctly, and the centre is in one piece, on the design wall. I think I've got the border fabrics chosen, I'm just waiting to see if I cut them wrong, or sew them badly.  I seem to have messed up a lot on this quilt.
I was brave and used a few batiks in the mix, and it's something I will do again.  The wild patterns and colours really bring the other fabrics to life.

I made an executive decision and packed away all the remaining strips so that I could finish a few of the projects that have stalled. 

These cheddar and blue blocks are next in line to go on the design wall; I was going to make 42, but 30 will be enough.

Then I'll tackle the red nine-patches and make my version of Bonnie's Sisters 9-patch.

Before I do any of that I'm going to cut some leader-ender pieces that I like; I'm not going to make more nine-patches if I can help it!


Mary Johnson 7:22 PM  

It's gorgeous! I'm not into making long panels and like you, I'd probably make some mistakes along the way. I have plans to make this quilt eventually but will piece it in blocks like the scrappy trips. That's much easier for me.

Karen in Breezy Point 7:36 AM  

It may have been the source of a lot of problems, but it is a beautiful quilt in the end! I love your blue and cheddar blocks and look forward to seeing them made into a quilt.

Gypsy Quilter 8:27 AM  

Beautiful quilt top. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the cheddar and blue.

Anonymous,  1:22 PM  

That is a beautiful quilt, how wonderful you could make it with fabric you want to get rid of! Love the cheddar and blue too. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sue SA 8:41 PM  

Love the cheddar with the blue and white four patches. Bargello is trickier in some ways, but I liked the fact that I didn't have to spend hours rearranging blocks, like I did for Scrappy trips. Some of my fabrics were touching too, but you couldn't see them once it was finished!

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