Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yesterday we went to Jamestown and I did indeed buy more batiks, including a piece that will do for the border. 

It's the top left piece, and I don't like the pattern, but the colours are just right.  I only got half a metre, and I will piece it with a couple of other fabrics I already have, to make a scrappy border.  That's the main task for this weekend, hopefully I will have that done this morning, and then I can play around with all the leftover pieces and clean up a bit.
After congratulating myself for using up so many cheddar/orange fabrics I then bought the rest of the bolt of  that cheddar fabric, because it was 25% off.  Looks like I'm going to build the stash up again, I never learn.  And that beautiful reproduction over on the right will make lovely borders, it was a backing remnant, again 25% off.  Bargain!

Right now I have a hankering to chop up some fabric, lots of fabric.  I haven't decided what to attack, maybe my several drawers of Pretties, which I haven't touched in all the years I've been collecting them;

or I just may pull out the tubs of vintage flannel and twill and brushed cotton, and make a new bed quilt.   Should I choose blues?

I fancy some more quick and easy piecing, so it will be big pieces and letting the fabric do the talking, whichever set of fabrics I choose.


Diane-crewe 5:57 PM  

well when the fabric is on sale it is ASKING to be taken home .. and orange is a nice bright colour x Hope the weekend work out x ... I would choose the browns xx

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