Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Back home again, and looking forward to some time in the sewing room. The little people wore me out this visit, Thomas in particular is very high energy, I spent most of my time keeping him out of trouble.We have epic battles over what he should and shouldn't touch, and whether he should stand on chairs or beat on the windows in the playroom.  I win, but he puts up such a fight!

Last week, before I left, I quickly added the borders to the sampler quilt. 

I'm pleased with how it turned out, I love that I got to use so many of my blue and red fabrics together.  There are still a lot of them in the stash, but at least I've begun to use them instead of passing over them all the time. 

I have another set of blue blocks in a project box;
the sashing is chosen, and pieces cut.  All I have to do is get it all sewn together and I will have another finish. 
But I'm more interested in making progress on my shirt quilts, so these blocks will have to quietly wait their turn.


Nancy 10:21 AM  

Your finished quilt looks fabulous and I think the 9-patch corners in the sashing add a lot of interest. I love, love, love your blue blocks from the project box. Does the pattern have a name and how large are they? They will become a fabulous quilt.

Holly 12:31 PM  

Very pretty sampler quilt. I tend to have a lot of red & blue too.

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