Thursday, July 18, 2019

I love my Electric Quilt software, but I have one complaint.  With a few clicks of the mouse I can add a cute border to my quilt, like this little border of red and white squares.

Then it takes me two whole nights to make the thing and add it to my quilt. But I went with dark blue instead of red.
I really love how it turned out, and it's worth the extra work, so I"m not really complaining. This was so much fun to work on, I really enjoyed making all these little blocks. The shirts were mostly fun to work with; some were a bit limp and it was a struggle to make them behave, but I just starched them into submission.  Some weren't what they seemed; they were labeled as cotton, but they shrank and puckered when ironed, so they had some synthetic content.  Those pieces got pitched, except for one lovely green.  I took extra care not to iron it at high heat, and once it's quilted it will never be ironed again.  But it's nerve-wracking working with blend fabrics, so I leave them behind at the op-shop.

This little top turned out to be cheerful and colourful; my first blocks were quite boring, but once I found the pink, purple and orange shirts, they came to life.  I started this after seeing the blocks on Jo's Country Junction, and she got the idea from Floating On A Quilted Cloud.  I wonder how many of these quilts are out there now, all inspired by Jo and Regan. These little blocks have spread all around the world.


Kleine Vingers 3:52 PM  

What a beautiful quilt, I might have a go and make a quilt with plaids again, I still have a box full given by a friend.

Rose Marie 12:08 AM  

Yep, that inner border works a charm! I have a couple bins of plaids and stripes ..... might have to make this quilt.

Sue SA 6:37 AM  

Lovely quilt, such fun fabrics and colours in such a fun block.

Nana 10:29 AM  

Such soft pretty colors of plaid and the 2 borders make it complete.

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