Sunday, November 14, 2021

A long overdue finish

Last week I showed this pile of strips, ready to be turned into borders for the Meadow top.

I kept putting it off, because I knew it would be difficult. The blocks were on point, and it had been hanging on the rack since January so the edges were stretched. I always use quarter-square triangles at the edge of on-point quilts, but that doesn't completely tame all that bias. I really wasn't looking forward to this.

I ironed the top and measured it  in 3 different places and transferred those measurements to the red strips. I pinned and pressed and coaxed those strips into the right place, so every square still had it's point.  I almost never take that much trouble over my borders. Then I went to all the trouble of mitering the corners of the wide border, and this was my reward.

2 WOF strips weren't enough to do the long sides of the top. I had to piece in a separate bit, and make the pattern look like the patch wasn't there.  I was really regretting things by this stage.
But it's finished, (no.19 for this year) and I'm happy with it. And I resolve to never again leave an on-point top hanging on a rack for 11 months....

I pulled out this project for some light-hearted sewing. It's time to move it on from just a pile of blocks and bits.

I'm going to sew this lot into sets of 4, and try to get it finished before I wander off to a brighter, shinier project. The end of the year is approaching, and I would like to achieve my goal of finishing 21 tops in 2021.


Gretchen Weaver 11:54 PM  

Meadow looks great, the frustration was worth it for this lovely finish. The next project looks she's going to be a beauty too, happy stitching!

Rose Marie 1:05 AM  

The borders are so effective on Meadow. Worth all that effort and yes, when borders are difficult, it is just so easy to fold everything into a bin and pull something easier to work on.

Cheryl D. 1:15 AM  

Your finishes are looking lovely. Even if some have been frustrating.

QuiltGranma 12:50 PM  

Wonderful job of making that oopsie disappear!

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