Wednesday, February 14, 2024

I'm mighty sick of the mess in my sewing room. every surface is piled high with random collections of fabric and strange containers full of scraps. Not to mention the shirts draped everywhere. Enough is enough!

First up I pulled out a bunch of light blue and white scraps and cut enough wedges for another 7 Dresden Plates. Now all the rest of the shirts can go back where they belong while I piece these together. I'll have to find enough fabric for the background squares, but I'll deal with that later.

What is most urgent is sorting out 5 containers of strips and scraps, some dating from quilts I finished 2 years ago. I've never sorted out the leftovers from any quilt I've made, it all accumulates into a giant mess.  I can see several days of sorting and cutting ahead of me, but if I get sick of it I know Mereth will take all the rest. She's positively willing me to fail, 😀. (Ooh look, we have emojis now. How exciting..)

Last time I was at Seonaid's we did jigsaws again, heads together as we searched for the right pieces. We were both a bit appalled then, when she tested positive for Covid.  She immediately isolated in her bedroom, I wore a mask and so did she when she came out for something to eat. I couldn't go home straight away because the next day was a 44° day, way too hot to travel, so we just tried to minimise the contact. I wrangled the kids for another day and a half so she could be sick in peace, then I came home hoping that I wasn't going to get sick.  And amazingly, I didn't. I did 4 tests, all negative, and no symptoms.

And then after a family get together last week at the coffee shop, Mereth tested positive. Again I waited to see if I'd contracted it too, but I didn't. I think it's pretty amazing that I've avoided it when it's come to so close to me. Mereth's granddaughters are the source for her infection, so it's going through the schools yet again.  I just hope I can continue to dodge it.


Cherie Moore 9:52 PM  

Yes, here’s to continued covid avoidance. I hope Meredith and Seonaid are fairing well. Isn’t it funny how the mess reaches the tipping point and absolutely nothing more can happen until it’s dealt with?

Gretchen Weaver 11:12 PM  

Leftovers from piecing quilts can really accumulate if not dealt with. I hope covid stays away from you and you can keep sewing your dresden plates. Happy stitching!

Gypsy Quilter Designs 5:33 AM  

The dresden plates are really beautiful. Only you could think up such a lovely combination. But of course, you're always thinking outside the box. And thank goodness for it. Keeps the rest of us on our toes.

My sewing room probably looks like yours. I've been trying to clean up for at least 3 weeks now and somehow keep going around in circles. Last night I emptied 3 small containers of plaid fabrics into one big container. Now I'm trying to think up pattern ideas for plaids. Meanwhile, there's a host of other tops to finish. Some of them are quite old. .S.

The size of my sewing room has not changed, but the amount of "stuff" in it certainly has. It's high time for a clean out. And I'm trying.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas. I'm very glad you don't have Covid. Sure hope your family feels better soon.

San / Murphy, N.C. U.S.A

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