Sunday, February 18, 2024


I started with this collection of scraps and leftovers, plus some more in various other piles.

I've been assiduously cutting for days, not thinking about the final destination of this fabric, just trying to get it cut down into useable sizes.

So many decisions are involved, but to make it simple I just tried to get the biggest strip or square that I could from each piece.

It's very satisfying to see an empty container, and know that everything in it has been trimmed and assigned a new home.

These are my little strips, and I emptied that white tray cutting these little bits. They range from 1"to 1.75", and I have plans for each size strip. There may be some Log Cabin blocks in my future, featuring 1"strips, and I'm thrilled to be using every last skerrick of a scrap. 

I still haven't conquered Mt. Scrapmore, but I've made lots of progress.

The strips starting at 1"and ending at 3.5". Lots of squares to go into the boxes for current and future projects.

This is the pile of larger scraps, all ironed and ready to cut the bigger size strips. I have plans for the 3.5"strips, and I enjoyed my last 2.5"leader-ender so I'm going to do another one. Even though that size seems too large for my taste, I like working on blocks that grow so quickly.

I have three quilts that I'll cut for from these strips. I think I've powered through the cutting because I haven't stopped to cut individual pieces for those projects. Once I've dealt with the whole lot I can go back and kit up the blocks I want to make. Maybe I can finally get a handle on how to manage my scraps; just being hopeful here.


Gretchen Weaver 11:55 AM  

Cutting those scraps is a BIG job! I'm looking forward to seeing some of the quilts you make from them, happy stitching!

Liz K 4:08 AM  

Thank you for inspiring me to get cutting! Love those scraps.

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