Friday, March 16, 2007

I had an extremely stressful week, which I declared officially ended as I hefted the last parcel onto the counter at the Post Office. I do love getting big orders from shops, but I like to have more than 2 days notice! And three enormous orders in one week was a record.

I bought EQ6 last week, and it arrived today. I am playing, and watching the instructional videos, and drinking red wine and making more of the Maverick Stars. The weekend, a Stashbuster Retreat, is shaping up well.....


mereth 3:37 PM  

Have one of those glasses for me too please!

Quinta da Quilter 6:52 AM  

Have one for me too!

I love your maverick stars! Do you have a patterns or helpful hints to put one together? I would love to play with them!

meggie 4:44 PM  

EQ & a glass of wine?? Bliss!
I have never tried EQ but am sure I would love to have a play!

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