Monday, March 19, 2007

The weekend was not very productive, but extremely relaxing, and a most welcome change of pace. I worked on some more Maverick Stars, finetuning the pattern to make it easier to piece. I don't mind set-in seams, but I need a project that won't take forever to piece, so I've changed the size and the way I'm piecing it. The block goes together really fast, with no awkward spots, and I'm happy with how the finished blocks are looking. Now for the perrenial question, what size d oI make this thing?

My goal is to completely empty three small scrap containers like the ones shown. I've been hoarding some of these bits for 10 years and I'm sick of them. My problem when I finally come to use the saved scraps is that I try to conserve them, use up every last little thread, and that's not the aim of the game. I need to use them up and throw away the leftover bits and move on. Not agonise how I can get two teeny bits out of a mere snippet; use another snippet and get on with it!

If I don't maintain some sort of pace then I get mired down worrying which way is the most economic use of fabric and then I go and clean out the Tupperware cupboard instead because it's all too hard.


Unknown 12:38 PM  

A great idea to use the tiny scraps one seems to collect over the years. Can´t wait to see what will become of these blocks. take care.

Diana 3:20 PM  

Judging by the size of your scrap tubs, you will have enough for a very large quilt! It looks like a very good way to use up all those little pieces that would be hanging around otherwise. Good luck!

YankeeQuilter 3:30 AM  

I do the same thing with the tiny scraps. I can spend hours just sewing the confetti (DH's name for the tiny pieces) together until I get something the size of a potholder! It drives him crazy!

Kairle Oaks 3:18 PM  

Sometimes relaxing is better than productive.

Your stars are turning out great. Can't wait to see them in a quilt!

meggie 5:48 PM  

I love your posts! I am rather like that, -I blame my thrifty Scottish ancestry!
I have tried to loosen up too, & throw out some of the more useless looking bits.
I love those stars, very interesting.

Jenni 1:15 AM  

I would think cleaning out the Tupperware cupboard would be more stressful! I have a big drawer in this kitchen for T'ware which makes it a bit easier.

bingo~bonnie 9:28 AM  

I am in love with String Quilts right now and when I came here and saw your "Maverick Stars", it really got my attention. :c) They are beautiful! Love those colors set on that light blue background!

Do you hve any ideas on how to set them yet?? I invision a small scrappy string pieced sashing about 2" wide with that same blue cornerstoens. I am sure what ever you come up with will look fantastic! I will be back to see your photos of it coming together! Thanks for sharing!! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

Anonymous,  10:34 PM  

Great star blocks! I'm working up the courage to start my Irish Star quilt LOL.

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