Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meredith and I swap a list of short-term goals each week, in an attempt to make us more focussed on what we need to be doing. Sad to say, my list is often the same for a month or more. I rarely get to cross everything off, even though they are all worthy items. I need some motivation. I did manage to finish the couch cover, which involved a bit of muscle as it was very thick decorator fabric and rather heavy when it was all in one piece.

(Incidentally, that white stick leaning in the background? That's my craft lamp. Every standard lamp I've ever bought has ended up like this, because the kids sit watching TV and play with them, twirling them round and wrecking the threads that hold the whole lot together. And it's another thing they don't grow out of either; even DH is guilty. One day I am going to splurge on one of those floor-standing Ott lights, and heaven help ANYONE who even breathes on it.)

I've decided that when I get my current list finished (20 items, but some are very tiny goals) I am going to allow myself to join a fabric club, probably a Judy Rothermel Civil War one. I have been virtually no-buy for 5 months now, and I don't miss the stash acquisition at all. In fact, as I am now doing my taxes and totting up all the fabric purchases from the year before, I am very relieved that I haven't spent any more on material. But I need something affirmative in my life, I seem to be working 10 hours a day lately. Working with my current stash is not very exciting, so a little infusion of Judy's wonderful range of reproductions would maybe pique my interest. First I have to get busy crossing things off the list.

Couch cover - check!
Post blog entry - check!!

Remember this blue and white quilt on Mereth's blog? This is my version of the same pattern. It's amazing how the different fabrics can vary the appearance of a simple block. My quilt hangs above our bed normally, but it has been retired for a rest as it was getting pulled out of shape. I'm thinking that to replace it I'd like to make a wall-hanging from those tumbler shapes that were on my design wall a few posts ago. It can go on my list of things to do....


mereth 12:19 AM  

I love your version of the Town Square, but I like mine too. I keep telling myself I don't have to make another one, but it's such a lovely simple pattern.
At least you've got one thing crossed off the list, now do something you WANT to do.

Anonymous,  10:36 PM  

It's very sweet that you both make the same quilts in different colours LOL. I like both versions :-)

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