Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm running on the spot here, trying to get all my work finished before the end of the week, so I can have the weekend to do whatever I want. I have to go to Bunnings (big hardware place) because I'm having withdrawal symptoms and need to buy some plants and herbs for the garden. I need to spend time in the garden making all the surviving plants comfortable so they can withstand the last blast of hot weather (it's worse now than it has been for most of the summer). I need to visit the fabric shop for upholstery supplies, and the supermarket for vittels for the young'un. And tonight I'm going to the bottle-shop for my stock of red wine, which helps me take a relaxed view of life. I'm so glad the scientists have agreed that a glass, or two, a day is good for one's health. It's good for my soul as well.

I wouldn't normally post 'before' pictures of my sewing room, but I will this time, in the hope that it will make me prioritise the cleaning up. It's going to be a huge relief to see some order in here, so that I can sew in peace and tranquility. I don't like to sew when things aren't functional and nicely laid out; half the fun for me is being organised and orderly.

We have survived the first week of Uni, and I even made it to the gym on two separate occasions. I do weights and an hour on the treadmill at home, but it's good to get to the gym and do some more comprehensive exercises. I'm aiming for three times next week, and as DS has classes every single day I just have to pick the most convenient times to slot in a gym visit. The thing that keeps me wanting to exercise is reading; I only ever allow myself to read while on the treadmill or at the gym, so I look forward to both the exercise and the reading. Cunning plan, ey?

Tonight, after my hour of reading/running, I will be sorting out those tottering stacks of material and scraps and quilt tops, which is the first step in the sewing room cleanup. A little light music, and a glass of red wine and I'll be all set to enjoy the start of the weekend.


Joyce 3:36 AM  

Someone told me, when my studio was a mess, that it looked like a working studio. I took that as a compliment. It does get to a point where it interferes with productivity though. Good luck with the cleaning.

YankeeQuilter 8:59 AM  

I find after a few glasses of wine my quilting room looks a lot cleaner...

mereth 3:20 PM  

I find this creative clutter fascinating. Who knows what's hidden in that pile in the last shot,blocks and tops and fabric..I love being organised too and I'd be up there in a flash to help you sort through this lot.

Patti 9:58 PM  

I only wish I could read while on the treadmill. That's what happens when one's eyes get older - between my body doing some bouncing up and down and old eyes I'd have to have huge print in order to read it LOL! Recorded books work much better for me - but I've got to find some new ones.

Love the before pictures - can't wait to see the after. I'm like you - I'm much happier creating in organization than chaos.

meggie 2:06 PM  

Good luck with the organising.
I fail to understand that my office, when I worked, was like Mrs Neatnic, all the time, yet at home, this room is more like a pig's nest??

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