Sunday, June 08, 2008

The borders are on and the Tumbling Blocks top is finished, after 8 years. I love hand piecing this pattern, it's so easy and effective, and portable. I will probably start another one soon, ready for when I have to go on my next teaching trip. It's wonderful to have a project to take with me, that requires so little thought or effort. My other quilts in this pattern have been given away, but this one is mine. There are 8 years of memories stitched into this, and some of my favourite fabrics ever. I was careful to include some of my most recent purchases, like that red Judie Rothermel print in the corner; now it contains fabrics from the oldest to the newest.

This border print is really perfect, but I used up every scrap; now I wish I'd bought another 3 metres for the stash. I'm sure there's another UFO it would be perfect for as well. Can't have two quilts with the same border though, so I'll have to keep looking for another border stripe.

We shifted a lot of furniture around last week, including moving all my quilt storage shelves into the workroom, so that I could have a spare bedroom again. We refolded all the quilts as we shifted them, and stacked them neatly in their new home. It all looks really good, and the quilts are easy to get to when we need them. Plus there's room to store three rolls of batting on top of the shelves, which gets them out of the way nicely.
The photo shows some of the 65 quilts we have, including 8 antique ones I've acquired over the years. The applique on the table is one of my favourites, very faded but beautifully stitched, quilted every 1/2", and the fabric is so soft and heavy. We plan to replicate it some time this year, which will be a fun joint project for us.

Patchwork group tomorrow, and I need to dig out another UFO to work on. I've been so good this year, finishing UFOs, I'm sure I've set some sort of record. It kind of makes up for all the extra fabric I've bought, ready for those new quilts I'm going to start one day soon.


Vicki W 10:19 AM  

The Tumbling Blocks quilts is beautiful! I'd keep it too. :)

mckie2 10:22 AM  

WOW! - that quilt is absolutely amazing. The border fabric is perfect, too. Thanks for sharing.

Candace 11:03 AM  

The quilt is beautiful, and well worth the 8 years. The shelves full of lovely quilts is very impressive. I will have to look back in your blog to get a better look at some of them hopefully.

tami 11:44 AM  

I have always loved the Tumbling Blocks pattern. Your's is absolutely gorgeous.

Donna 12:00 PM  

I like the tumbling blocks -- you did a great job of including fabrics through the years :-)

I am curious though about the string star quilt over the chair in the second photo... I'd love to see it in more detail and maybe "borrow" the idea :-))

Helen in the UK 12:46 PM  

Huge congrats on finishing your Tumbling Blocks quilt. That is a lot of pieces to stitch together by hand!!
65 quilts in your storeage - WOW!! Hope all of them get to come out and 'play' sometimes :)

Sew Create It - Jane 1:10 PM  

Wow your tumbling block quilt is divine! I can't believe you hand-pieced it!! Such a lot of hard work.

Jeanette 2:28 PM  

I LOVE your tumbling blocks quilt. You've inspired me to think about making one. Is there a specific pattern you used? I also love the border fabric you used. It's gorgeous!

sewprimitive karen 3:45 PM  

That is an amazing accomplishment to make that huge beautiful hand-pieced quilt. I guess you have a pole up at the ceiling that the hangers are on? That looks very slick. The antique quilt has such an unusual pattern. Do you know any of its history?

Henrietta 8:49 PM  

Love it, I would never even think of making one but yours is awesome and the border is perfect.

Dianne 9:13 PM  

This quilt is magnificent Keryn, you have inspired me to start on a hand pieced project now (haven't got enough UFO's) Good for you for finishing this wonderful quilt.

canquilt 3:38 AM  

I love your tumbling blocks quilt. It is fantastic.

julieQ 5:52 AM  

Keryn, your quilt is wonderful! Depth and lovely color and just yummy. I am glad you got so much joy making it!

Cornfield Quilter 8:15 AM  

Your quilt takes my breath away!

meggie 4:10 PM  

That is so beautiful. Glad you are keeping it for yourself.

Mary Johnson 11:49 AM  

It's gorgeous! One of these days I want to make a Tumbling block quilt but probably won't have the patience to make a nice large one like this - and the border is perfect.

MARCIE 7:29 PM  

Your tumbling block quilt is wonderful. I love the border already printed in a stripe and ready for neat mitered corners! I am glad that you mentioned putting in your oldest and your newest fabrics. That always makes me feel good when they work together!

bingo~bonnie 10:22 PM  

Beautiful colors in your tumbling blocks! The boarder is perfect. Great job!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

*karendianne. 4:33 AM  

Oh my, I don't know what to say about tha tumbling block quilt that will do it justice. Its beyond perfect. And the border I LOVEEEE!!!

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