Sunday, June 22, 2008

Winter is starting to set in, and the days have been quite chilly. Not that I mind, because it's perfect weather to rug up and do some handwork in a comfy chair. Afternoon tea, Italian biscotti, fine china, applique; it's been a pleasant weekend.I've never made a completely appliqued quilt, but I'm having fun with these blocks. Mereth and I are working on a quilt together, one of her original designs, so when it's a bit further along we'll show some pictures. I have grandiose plans for applique borders and splendid blocks, but who knows how long my enthusiasm will last. Long enough, I hope.
First thing in the morning I have been making 1" Half-Square Triangles, for another joint project that Mereth and I are working on. We need hundreds of these little critters, and I'm making them 80 at a time with my own paper templates. There's 320 in that container, and at Patchwork tomorrow I'll sit and take the paper off and press the seams. That will keep me busy for a while. Mereth has already completed a heap, and I had a play with her units today. The finished quilt won't be anything like this, but I may have to make a mini quilt on the side. I just love these tiny triangles.

Matt and the dogs came in to visit, and Mac ran around my backyard in pursuit of his tennis ball. Nothing gets in his way when he's chasing it; I like the leg action as he clears the planter box. He's so single-minded, and never takes any care of himself; he must have banged his head into the garage door 10 times. His energy is astounding.

And lastly, miniature roses and violets brightening up the kitchen table.


sewprimitive karen 4:21 AM  

Your photos are so wonderful. Love the applique!

Candace 5:39 AM  

You sure paint a pleasant picture, I wish I was there having afternoon tea with you. The applique that I can see looks beautiful, and I'm anxious to see more. The little triangles are precious, it is amazing how intricate something simple can look when you put a bunch together.
The flowers are exquisite.

julieQ 11:47 AM  

I love seeing you and your sister's hand work. Such pretty applique on both of your blogs today!

meggie 7:39 AM  

Lovely post. I just drool over those beautiful flowers.
And all the quilting things of course.
I love that pic of Mac's legs flying out sideways!

Malagueta 9:20 AM  

I love the tiny triangles, they have such character!!

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