Thursday, June 19, 2008

In between bouts of computer work I managed to sew another 8 of my Colour Sampler blocks. I had a few more cut out, but decided to leave it at this. The quilt will be 4 blocks by 5, and I haven't decided yet whether to join them with sashing or just edge to edge. It would be hard to get all those seam intersections to behave, so I'm leaning towards a small cream strip to separate the blocks. I did enjoy making these, I just sit and stare at them trying to decide which is my favourite block.

It doesn't quite count as a finished project, but it cleared up a project box and a wire basket full of fabric I had set aside for the blocks, so the sewing area is tidier. I think my ultimate goal is to have 10 machine projects and 10 hand projects, and keep it at that level. Any more than that is just too confusing. My list stands at 11 hand and 22 machine UFOs, so it's not unachievable; 6 of the machine ones just need borders. Time to get serious!


julieQ 8:42 AM  

Wow, your greens and pinks are just marvelous. You get soooo much done! Can't wait to see this one sashed. Hope you have a most wonderful day (night where you are)!!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter 8:56 AM  

Your blocks are gorgeous. I think they'll look great with sashing. Will watch for pictures of the finished quilt!

Tanya Brown 9:05 AM  

You do have a great way with color. These aren't colors I would have though to use together, but what you've done is marvelous and wonderful to study.

Mary Johnson 3:46 PM  

My favorite - last row - 4th block down but they are all beautiful!

Millie 8:25 PM  

I think this is gorgeous. I love the way you have used your fabrics and colors. It takes a minute to see they are the same pattern. But they look totally different. I love it.

meggie 3:07 PM  

Those blocks are gorgeous. I would never get tired of looking at that.
Sashing to showcase each lovely block, would be nice.

Helen in the UK 12:06 PM  

These blocks are wonderful - great colours. I think sashing and cornerstones would suit this project :)

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