Monday, June 16, 2008

Last year I showed a picture of a quilt that my friend Kaye made. I adore this quilt so much that she always puts it on my bed when I go to stay with her. I was always going to create my own version of it, and started some blocks last year. Somehow they never really inspired me, wrong materials and colours, but now I seem to have recreated it all in blues and greens. No matter, I will just start another set in the colours and fabrics of Kaye's quilt. I love this block so much, I'm still not sick of it after making 85 of them. I only needed 72 for this quilt but, being me, I ended up with spares. I just can't seem to make the right number of blocks, ever.

The centre fabric with the pheasants was a Fons and Porter print that I only had a FQ of; I surrounded it with a bird print and I love how that turned out. The border is a toile that has been in the stash for many years, and I chopped up most of it, fussy cutting the strips so that the joins were not noticeable. It didn't suit being cut lengthwise, I would have had to cut through faces and babies and puppies, and for some reason that troubles me. But I'm really happy with the results, it was worth the extra effort.

It will take all my spare time tomorrow to clean up the scraps left from this quilt, put away the fabric, tidy up the work surfaces and set my room to rights again. Then it will be time to pull out all the books and choose a new quilt to begin. Until I find the perfect project I will work on another UFO from the list, probably these Colour Sampler blocks. I only need a few more to make a quilt, and then that will be another project to cross off the list. I'm quite appalled at how dutiful I'm being! And I thought I was so irresponsible....


Donna 11:38 PM  

you've done a wonderful job of adapting your FQ in the centre and the borders. :-)

MJinMichigan 12:29 AM  

I loved your friend's quilt when you posted it but now that I see your version, I think I like it even better! You really have an eye for combining fabric.

Tanya Brown 12:34 AM  

Marvelous! Like MJ, I prefer your version. I'm a big fan of blues.

sewprimitive karen 1:15 AM  

That is so incredibly beautiful. Love love the center piece with the surrounding blue print, it is so elegant. Wow.

Lynn Dykstra 2:15 AM  

Oh, Keryn, This is so beautiful

Tazzie 9:02 AM  

Such a gorgeous quilt, I love the colours you chose, and the centre piece is just lovely.

Bonnie K. Hunter 12:27 AM  

Ooohhh..I LOVE the blues and greens together, and what a great idea for a toile panel that you just can't cut up!

I love your stuff Keryn!


Chookyblue...... 8:25 AM  

love you quilt........and I think I remember seeing the original one........

Anonymous,  4:54 AM  


I love this one!

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