Thursday, February 19, 2009

A friend was talking to us in the op-shop the other day, and wondered if we were going to have a tussle of ownership over some little item. 'Oh, but I suppose you NEVER fight over anything!' she said.

We don't see eye-to-eye on a few things. Since we were children we have never been able to discuss Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots without it degenerating into a shouting match. (Shut UP, Mereth, she didn't have to behead Mary I tell you!)

My favourite altercation ever was when we were raising dairy calves, and Mereth was nagging her DH about something, and I was taking his side. While she was bending over a bucket getting a calf to drink he leaned over me and tapped her on the head; when she snapped upright with fire in her eyes her DH had removed himself and I was standing there laughing. So she threw the whole bucket of milk over me. Oh we chortled!

Once when our kids were not yet teenagers we had a huge argument over telling kids if Santa Claus really existed. I said it undermined kids trust in adults to find out they'd been telling Great Big Lies. Mereth disagreed. Noticing how loud our voices suddenly seemed we looked around to see all our kids had vanished. When we went to find them they were sitting somberly in one of the bedrooms, stunned that they had witnessed us arguing. 'We knew it couldn't be good, so we left' said John miserably. That took some consoling on our part.

And now, here's another thing we can't agree on.I've been wanting to do this for ages, and whinging to Mereth that I should just buy the software, because everyone in blogland would have a Jane Stickle quilt except me. I got no sympathy. So after learning all that accounting stuff, which could hardly be called fun, I rewarded myself with this software. And this is definitely fun.
Three blocks finished, and another 8 ready to stitch; it's a lovely change of pace and size, and I'm tickled by how precise the foundation piecing is.

Mind you, I can never open my mouth to complain about the hard blocks. I know I'll get no sympathy around here....


Tazzie 4:15 AM  

I'll sympathise with you when it's time for the hard blocks. I can't even imagine why I decided I'd make a second one. Clearly I'd repressed the memories of the tricky blocks ... take a looky at L11 ... I don't think I can ever face it again.

antique quilter 8:57 AM  

she will be so jealous when you have your quilt made and she finally admits she needs one too!

Mary-Kay 9:20 AM  

I've seen a lot of blogging regarding Dear Jane and I thought that maybe one day I would start making one. Then I talked to my sister and she had started in on the fun. I asked her if she would pick a book up for me and she did. I can't wait until she comes here at month end so I can start planning my very own Dear Jane. She also bought herself the software.

sewprimitive karen 10:50 AM  

Oh, I love this post and love that you have started a Dear Jane. It is obviously going to be very pretty. Mereth may as well begin one now, and Elizabeth most definitely did not have to kill Mary.

pdudgeon 8:04 PM  

everyone should have projects of their own as well as projects they share. i haven't done one of these myself, but i'll enjoy seeing your progress.

meggie 10:11 PM  

I can admire all these DJ quilts. But I know, I could never stand to make one! It would drive me utterly insane.

Maggie A 11:59 PM  

Well you can whine to us....cos we also do that......I keep wondering why I started. I've een doing it by hand up to now (now meaning the last time I did a block) but leaning heavily towards foundation piecing now/

julieQ 2:01 PM  

I want to make a dear jane too! Not too sure my skills are quite up to that yet...I will watch yours grow with admiration!

Bernadette 5:40 PM  

Don't you worry she will soon be joining you on your journey, the little blocks are very addictive and the software is just fabulous. Make her buy her own though!!

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