Monday, February 16, 2009

Some people have asked about adding borders QAYG style....

For borders, the easiest way to add them is the flip & sew method.

Measure the quilt on the shortest side.

Cut strips this length from the border material, the batting and the backing, as wide as the width of the border plus 3/4" . (This allows for a seam on one side and for the binding seam.) If it isnt the final border, just add 1/2" for the seams.)

Arrange the layers as follows - on the bottom, the backing fabric right side up - then the quilted centre, right side up- then the top fabric, wrong side up - then the batting.

Pin all layers together and stitch. I use the edge of my walking foot as a seam guide, because its roughly from the edge to the needle. Check to see if yours is the same. If the distance is greater on your machine move the needle closer to the edge of the foot if possible, or choose a spot on the foot to guide along the edge of the quilt to give you an approximate seam.

Fold the layers back from the quilt. The wadding will be sandwiched between the top fabric and the backing. Pin the outside edges together and run a line of stitching all the way around to hold the raw edges together. A line of quilting away from the joining seam will encourage the seam to lie flat. Add more quilting if desired.

Join the border to the opposite side in the same manner; then measure the remaining sides and add borders across the whole width.


meggie 10:26 PM  

What a very timely post! I had been wondering about that. Since I dont have a very large disposable income, I need to use every bit of batting I can, & the QAYG blocks I 'get', but confess, I had been wondering about borders.

AR Crichton 2:11 AM  

Thanks for the great explanation, Kerryn, I look forward to using it!

sewprimitive karen 12:03 PM  

Wow, I wondered about this but didn't ask :-).

Anonymous,  6:35 AM  

you are a genius !!!
thanks a million

kaiteM 2:16 PM  

thanks Keryn,i've been delaying finishing off my bushfire quilt so this is very timely. K.

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