Friday, February 06, 2009

I haven't posted lately because it's been so impossibly hot here, more than 10 days of over 103 degree temperatures. That alone didn't stop me from posting, apart from a few power cuts and the phone lines playing up and putting me offline. No, I was afraid that if I posted, all I would do was whinge about the weather for several paragraphs. But what the hell, I'll whine away and then talk about something else.

It's hot!! I want the cool change they have been promising us, and I want it now, not tomorrow. The wind outside is battering my garden, and whatever plants have lasted so far are just crisped dry and brown. The temp never dropped below 100 last night, and that's what helps kill the poor plants; they never get a break from the heat.

Enough of that.

I was reading Tazzie's blog about wanting a Singer treadle someday; I hope you get your machine someday soon Tazzie, they are such a lovely way to sew, and so beautiful. My Gran had one, and I adored it. Everytime we visited I coveted it, and she promised that I could have it one day. When she died one of my uncle's took it, and I suppose I could go and ask for it, but what the heck, I'm sure he treasures it too.

Mereth and I learned to sew on a 66K treadle, with the beautiful carvings and the 6 drawers and the fabulous Lotus decals. We had handcranks when we were about 6 years old, but we didn't achieve much on those; the 66K was where we learned about dressmaking.

Alas, our beloved machine met with a sad fate. Mum stored it in the shed near a leaking window, and it's fairly well ruined now. It was such a strange thing for her to do, as one of her favourite lectures was about Looking After Things Properly. I still have trouble believing that she was so indifferent to this poor machine.
I too would like a beautiful machine, but Mereth wants this one rescued; I don't even know it that's possible. Look at the rust in that bobbin area!
I saw a 66K treadle in pieces on Ebay,and bought it for $15. The decals on the machine are worse than ours, but we may be able to salvage some parts, and the woodwork is in good condition, albeit a much plainer version. I quite like that. It was made in 1922,whereas ours is a later model.Those drawers don't have the same charm, but I do like how plain and functional they are. Once the cool weather arrives I will see about getting the frame restored and the pieces refinished.
As for the drawers from our original machine, Mum never put them in the shed, and had our brother make them into a little chest which is cute. However, she instructed Mereth to make sure our SIL received them when she died. ???? They're from OUR machine? Everytime I look at the machine or this little chest of drawers I have to remind myself that things are immaterial, and that it's people we should care about. Mum had her own way of doing things, and I just need to think of all the good things about her.

And who knows, if the treadle was still in good nick, maybe Mereth and I would fight over who got to own it, and then we would have a falling out and never talk to each other again, so it's just as well it's ruined and only Mereth wants it. That's my take on things.


pdudgeon 7:10 PM  

that certainly is a pretty machine (under all the dust and rust, etc.)
those drawers are lovely too.
i know you're suffering from the heat just as we are from the cold. but in a few months we'll both have a happy middle to muddle thru.

keryn 7:33 PM  

Yeah. Like that would happen.
I haven't even stuck my nose out the door today, the wind is appalling. How many more weeks of summer?

Tazzie 1:13 AM  

I truly hope the perfect treadle will find me some day. I'll know it when I see it. It would seem that lots of people have a sad tale about the one that wasn't appreciated, or sent to a less grateful family member. It wasn't that long ago that old sewing machines and similar things were considered junk, thank heavens those times have changed.
I'm looking forward to the cool change, aren't you? I'm going to throw open all the windows, it will be just divine.
Have a wonderful Sunday

Stephanie Newman 2:15 PM  

What a lovely old machine under the rust and dust. I have a 66K given to me by my MIL, she'd bought it to sew when there were power black outs and knew I was looking for one. It was very dusty but came up beautifully, has the filigree decal pattern and sews nicely. The timber is slightly damaged on the top of the flap but as its open most of the time this is no trouble!! Lovely carved wooden drawers, too!

Henrietta 10:23 PM  

You will be surprised how many are still out there waiting to be found. Your Mums machine should probably have a kerosene bath, soak in a large tubfull for some weeks. Lots of wonderful restoration info at TreadleOn.

Anonymous,  4:03 PM  

Somehow I can't imagine the two of you fighting over anything. More likely it would end up in a joint custody agreement ....travelling back and forth every other month ....

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