Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life is starting to pick up pace around here, and the blogging has suffered. I finished my Chain Of Arrows about 2 weeks ago, and didn't get round to posting a picture. I love how it turned out, and it was a lovely quilt to make. It's joined the stack of tops waiting to be quilted.

I haven't done much sewing since, apart from my 5 Dear Jane blocks. That's the three new ones, plus a little applique I started working on last night with our night group. It's pleasant to have hand-work to stitch on. I've been so busy filling orders and arranging classes and trying to recover old files from 5year old CDs that I have hardly had time to turn the sewing machine on. That makes me sad. And Cranky! I need to do some sewing, soon.

When I visit Mereth at night I've been crocheting hexagons for an afgan to donate to Africa; several of the girls in the patchwork group do that, so I thought I would too. It will use up a heap of oddments of wool. Mereth says it is Ugly, but I like it. It's very bright, shall we say. I have no idea why all those colours are in our wool stash anyway, I can't remember wearing hot pink and acid yellow and bog green. It's very warm anyway.

Yesterday and the the day before Matt and I shifted furniture for about 4 hours. We are in the final stages of setting up the classroom at the Lodge, and it looks good. I'm exhausted though; I spent the latter part of yesterday with my head on the table whimpering and icepacks on my wrists. Ouch! Matt and I work very well as a team; we take it in turns to walk backwards, and we think the same way which is handy when manouvering awkward loads through doorways. And he's always ready to take a break, which suits me and my ancient wrists just fine.

Last night I gritted my teeth and we shifted the final thing, which was Ms Millhouse. We are going to Adelaide this weekend so Millhouse can have a tune-up, and she was strapped into the back of my station wagon with plenty of packing. I was sort of surprised how big the machine looked in the back of the car; every now and again I think a big car is an extravagance,but there have been times when we blessed every inch of space in it. Like when we put Rob's king size mattress in there.....

I should be getting ready to leave, not fiddling about here. I'm tired already, but I should brighten up a bit on the way. It's a nice drive down there, and we have planned a few stops in antique shops to keep us interested. At least life isn't dull.


Lori in South Dakota 1:05 AM  

Pictures, we want to see pictures of Ms Millhouse riding in style to the spa!

pdudgeon 3:14 AM  

a king sized mattress! hope you have a nice trip and Ms Millhouse enjoys the tweeking and tuning.
antique shopping...haven't done that in ages, but i really should get back to that. it's such a joy to discover and reclaim old things.

speaking about old things, i went to a quilt/knitting/antique show yesterday. in one of the shop booths i saw a small oak chest of drawers just like the one in your blog that your brother made from the reclaimed sewing cabinet drawers!
the chest was just as lovely in person as it is in your blog, and they wanted $295.00 for it.
i think you have a real treasure on your hands!

Lynn Dykstra 5:07 AM  

The Chains and Arrows really is lovely. I like the very graphic look to the block.

sewprimitive karen 11:12 PM  

Oh boy I can't wait to see pics from the antique shops. I feel the same way about my old minivan...180,000 miles and getting rickety but it comes in so handy still.

meggie 1:20 PM  

I know about wrists & pain. When I managed a busy restaurant in a Hotel, I had to stop clearing the dishes, as my wrists grew to thrice their normal size, & I was told not to use them for weeks!

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