Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I seem to have started another project on the weekend, quite out of the blue. Literally.

For years and years I've been collecting fabrics for this navy and white Milky Way quilt.  For all those years I've looked at that pile of FQs and said to myself 'You can't use them, they're for your Milky Way quilt, no touching them until that project is done'.  And last Saturday I was so sick of the enormous pile of fabric which I wasn't allowed to use, that I decided I"d better make the quilt once and for all and be done with it .

Thankfully it's turning out just like it's supposed to, and I have plenty of material. 

More than enough for this one quilt, so from now on I'll be able to include these navies in my current projects without any guilt or nagging about 'saving' them.  And I truly hope that I don't go straight out and buy more, which is what I usually do when I use a swag of material and deplete the stash.

The pattern is from this old book; it's an excellent pattern book, there are several quilts in there that I still want to do, after all these years. 

You can just see the Post-it notes at the top marking all the quilts I like.  I don't think any of them have a whole fabric drawer devoted to them, like my Milky Way did.

I have to set it out on the design wall and sew it piece by piece, but it's going together surprisingly quickly.  Mereth suggested that I am shallow enough to have cut the whole thing out just so that I could write it up in my fabric book as used.  Hah!  As if I would do that.  But the 6 metres I cut up for this bumped my figures over the 100 metre mark, which is a milestone.  It's an achievement to use that much material two months into the year, but I'm also pleased that I am still keeping track of the stash.  And I suppose the downside of that is that I also know how much fabric I've bought (18.5 metres)  and how much it cost.  Yes, well, we might gloss over that......


julieQ 8:42 AM  

I have that book and love that quilt! Wow, 100 meters used is really wonderful. You may think of it this way...you have used 5 times more than what you bought! Hurrah for you!

Ruth 9:08 AM  

That will be a gorgeous quilt! Your fabrics are wonderful. Maybe I should start collecting blues. What a good idea!

Karen 9:21 AM  

Hurray on using the stash for your Milky Way quilt. I like it very much. I have that book and it does have some good quilt patterns in it.

SpinningStar 11:27 AM  

I'm looking through some of my older quilting books and there are some patterns that still call out to be made.

Your quilt is beautiful...


Barb in Mi 11:49 AM  

Congrats for cutting into that Milky Way stash! Love the quilt top and am amazed at your 100m in 2 months - wow is all I can say!

Anonymous,  4:18 PM  

I love that book, too, and her other "rotary" books. I used to do the same thing with Post-It notes, and have bazillions of them in books and magazines. Then I discovered that after they were stuck in the book for an extended period of time, when they were removed, they left sticky on the page! I no longer put Post-Its in my books. I really like your Milky Way quilt top. Sharon

Chris the Quilter 6:55 PM  

100 m in two months!!??


you should be very proud....and you have some lovely quilts to show for your efforts too.

antique quilter 8:59 PM  

oh I love this book too!
this is a quilt I have always wanted to make as well
love the look of yours so far, guess its hard to plan the placement of the blues unless you lay out the whole quilt before sewing it....

Jan 3:04 AM  

I, too, have blue and white fabrics set aside for this quilt. Your version with the block extending into the four patch is quite nice. Using more creams than whites is also an improvement. I just love your blog, and your sister's, too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) 9:47 AM  

That's a great pattern. I don't think I have that book, but it must be in another book as well.

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