Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's been such nice weather lately, it's been a pleasure to take Dolly walking each evening. These photos are of the golf course, which is set out along the creek that wanders through the edge of the town. It's a nice safe walk, no cars to worry about, and lots of wildlife to admire.

Our 'greens' are not green at all; the black stuff is slag from the local lead smelters, and I think there's sump oil in there too, just to deter the weeds and keep the whole lot from blowing away. It's rough and ready, but dedicated golfers don't seem to mind.

This gum tree looks like an Ent, about to stride across the creek. It's amazing that it's still growing, with such a slim hold on the earth.A lovely sunset, birds settling in the branches overhead, and bunnies to chase; evening walks are the best.


Meggie 9:06 AM  

We have just had rain rain rain. At least it is not too hot, but the humidity makes us feel we are drowning. Since Gom is still unwell, no walkies for Leo, & I guess he misses his outings. I have suggested I drive us to a nearby park, which is flat, & we can stumble and run- depending upon who we are!

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