Thursday, January 28, 2010

We're in the middle of a summer storm, so I shouldn't be on the computer I suppose, but it's unplugged and working wirelessly, so I should be OK till the battery runs out.
If Blogger ate my last post, then something else ate my week! The days have just vanished in a whirl of driving here and there and running errands. That's one of the disadantages of living in a small town; when you need a vet or an optometrist you have to go to the nearest bigger town. We're only half an hour away, but the whole day goes by as you try to get in a few extra chores; 'While we're here, we may as well.....'

I have a quilt on Millhouse, and if the storm gets any closer I'll have to go unplug him and wait it out. I'm not going to wish the rain and lightning away, I love storms and we hardly ever have them. I'll just rearrange my day as needed.

I'm two rows away from finishing the piecing for the Tumbler quilt. It may need borders, I haven't decided yet. I had the hardest time with this simple quilt. I made it to use up a pile of blue and green fabrics that have crept into my stash over the years, and I wanted to use all or most of them. I don't want a stash of these colours. But I've been fighting with myself every step of the way; I want to go and buy MORE of them, so that the colours in the quilt are varied and interesting, with some modern ones in there.

Which is not what this quilt was about. It was to use them up entirely, not add to them. It's been such a struggle, and if I'd gone anywhere near a patchwork shop for the last three weeks I would have caved and given in. But I managed to only buy 2 FQs, and I raided Mereth's stash, and I dredged up some material from my dressmaking scraps. I am so close to finishing it without a buying spree, I just have to do those last two rows, and then the borders. Wish me luck; I'm nearly there.

There is one solitary block on my design wall; I have to go look up the name for this. I already made a red and blue quilt with this block, and now I'm making another two quilts for a presentation Mereth and I are giving later this year. These little quilts will go together easily, and I'm hoping they don't give me any grief about colours or fabrics. I have enough of these pinks and greens and creams to make many quilts.

And I finally, through sheer luck and perseverence, took a decent photo of Dolly, on one of our walks. She loves to get out and have a run; walking on a leash is OK, but putting up rabbits on the golf course is much better. She was a tired little doggie that night.


Anonymous,  2:01 PM  

The blue and green quilt looks beautiful. It is very serene and ocean-like.

Debra 2:40 PM  

that tumbler looks great.

There is something about a storm...

Stephanie Newman 3:07 PM  

NICE storm clouds!! I love those blues and greens you have in the tumbler quilt- if you love them why not cave in and add more to the stash...sounds like you want to anyway? I must be the world's best fabric enabler, lol!

pdudgeon 12:47 AM  

when you find out the name of that block let us know. i thought it was a couple of different ones, but i was wrong, so now i'm stumped too!
i love your blue and green tumblers quilt. i think it would be just fine either with or without a border.
Stay safe in that storm. i saw it on radar and it's impresive!
Dolly is looking as beautiful as ever.

julieQ 7:02 AM  

I really like your tumbler quilt. Isn't it funny how we hate to use certain fabrics in our quilts, and go and get more! Love your precious Dolly!

Brenda 10:50 PM  

My how Dolly has grown. She's beautiful

Love the tumbler quilt.

Meggie 6:23 PM  

Your tumbler quilt is so fresh looking.
Dolly is a picture of happiness.

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