Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm going to try and keep a proper record of my Stash-busting this year, and I've managed that for the first 11 days.

Used this Week: 46.6 metres
Used year to Date: 56.6 metres
Added this Week: 0 metres
Added Year to Date: 0 metres
Net Used for 2010: 56.6 metres

I used most of the fabric this week making backings for 8 quilts, and that was a really easy way to get the numbers up.

This week I'll be making bindings to match, but I also hope to get a lot of scraps cut up, and some kits assembled. We're having dreadful weather, 100 degrees already at 9 this morning, and set to go a lot higher. I think I'll lock myself in the ac and cut fabric all day.


Mary-Kay 11:38 AM  

Giving away fabric is a great way to make your numbers go up. And you gave a lot away too!

SpinningStar 11:56 AM  

Great having you along for the stashbusting....Considering how cold it has been in the US, I sure wish I could send some of the cool winds down under!

Good report... that's alot of stash busted!


Brenda 6:12 PM  

Now that's just bragging!

antique quilter 9:50 PM  

ok have you ever thought about taking an inventory of how much fabric you do have?

conny's quilts en creaties 4:46 AM  

I never even use such amount of fabric in a year(s) and you just in one week....I am dazzled by it!

sewprimitive karen 5:32 AM  

The heat sounds horrible. Fantastic stash-busting, though! Is there much left now :-) ?

Meggie 9:22 AM  

Wow. I do feel for you, over the heat factor!

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