Sunday, January 17, 2010

I finished the binding on my table topper, so that's ready to use. I like the fabric I put on the back, it's very soft and pretty.
I also finished the binding on my vintage hexagons, it will go on my bed for the rest of the summer. I used vintage yardage on the back, and even made the binding from vintage fabric. It's my new favourite quilt.
I have 5 Lady of the Lake blocks finished, and they are really enjoyable to make. Not sure how they'll look put together, I may have to have some more colourful blocks in there as the scraps were mostly browns and dull neutrals. I'm happy with them so far, and looking forward to many more.
The blue and green tumblers are more than half finished, another day of sewing should see them in one piece. All in all I'm happy with the Quiltathon progress, it kept me stitching for longer than I normally would. When's the next one?


antique quilter 1:20 AM  

oh I just love the vintage hexagons
can I see a picture of the whole quilt somewhere?
this is one I would love to make too from my stash
I love the look of yours, what size is it? Did you buy the papers or did you make your own?
Lady of lake blocks have always been one of my favorites...
looking forward to seeing more

sewprimitive karen 3:25 AM  

The hexagon quilt is wonderful; what a pretty picture with the backing and binding.

pdudgeon 5:19 AM  

looks like you have some beautiful quilts there! i love the contrast in the Lady of the Lake blocks.

looks like i'll have to put some thangles papers on my list, as that would be a nice quilt to make someday. thanks for sharing.

Brenda 2:42 AM  

Can't beat a hexagon quilt!

Meggie 12:07 PM  

I have just had a feast of your posts! Love the latest finishes.

Michelle 12:00 PM  

I love those lady of the lake blocks -- they're gorgeous!

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