Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Friday night DownUnder, and Mereth and I have started our Quiltathon with Judy already. Millhouse is stitching on one of Mereth's tops, while she pieces a scrap quilt on Queenie. I'm cutting up a mountain of scraps from one of my Cut-it-up drawers. I aim to end up with only one drawer, instead of 3, and have a few quilt kits to show for it.

I'm cutting for a Lady of the Lake block, like this one.
I'm just rough cutting to start with. The big triangle is cut from a 5"strip, so I'm going through the scraps and cutting a 5" strip from anything that's big enough. Any leftovers I cut into 2"strips, as the small triangles are cut from those.

I have to add triangles around the other two sides to finish the block, I just sewed this together quickly to see that my measurements were right. Hmmm, it's going to need an awful lot of Half Square triangles....I layer a light and a dark strip use the Easy Angle ruler to cut two 5" HST, then cut the rest of the 5" strip into 2" strips and cut the small triangles from those. None of these strips are the full width of fabric, so most of the time I won't be able to make the whole block from the same fabrics. I'll make as many as I can using just two fabrics, then I'll use up all the spare parts making scrap blocks. It will keep me busy for a while.

Dolly likes keeping busy too. I heard a ripping sound from under the table, and this is what I saw when I investigated. This old roll of masking tape was pretty useless, not sticky enough anymore, so it went in the bin. Dolly fetched it out and decided it was just the thing to play with. I love how carefully she's holding the roll with her paws.Don't you just hate it when you can't find the end of the tape?


pdudgeon 2:17 AM  

sounds like a great plan to me!
best wishes to you on your cutting marathon.

Debra 2:29 AM  

That little friend of yours is soooo dang cute!

sewprimitive karen 2:50 AM  

I'm crying over the pictures of Dolly with her little "hands", how cute can one dog get??

kelley 12:22 AM  

your cutting marathon is a wonderful idea...and Dolly is adorable...thanks for my first laugh of the day - don't you hate it when you can't find the end of the tape???

Jenni 1:14 AM  

Dolly is the cutest thing, except maybe my Chloe! No I think they're both gorgeous. Good for you doing all that cutting - while watching the cricket I've been cutting strips and have cut out some star blocks. First pre-cut kit ever. Don't like cutting much

Meggie 6:30 AM  

Dolly just steals my heart away! Look at those eyes... who could resist her!
You are making my share of sewing progress Keryn! haha.

Henrietta 6:26 AM  

She has that "Oh-oh, am I in trouble?" look in the first picture.

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