Friday, January 01, 2010

Yesterday didn't turn out quite the way I planned. Dolly had to go to the vet because she's had a runny nose, and that usually means a grass seed up there; she had to have an anaesthetic so the vet could investigate. He didn't find whatever was causing the problem, unfortunately, so she's got antibiotics and we'll just have to wait and see if she can sneeze it out, poor baby.

She took a while to come out of the anaesthetic, so I didn't make it to the afternoon tea; instead I was baby-sitting a hysterical, unco-ordinated dog. She kept staggering around and trying to lick my face, and bumping into tables and chairs and doors; I just tried to stop her hurting herself. She spent some time in her crate once the worst of it had worn off; she was a bit miserable, and I bet her nose hurt from having forceps up it too.

Later on I did manage to get the borders on the double nine-patch, even though it took a lot longer than I thought it would. That little border of 1" squares was very fiddly, and it's a good thing it turned out so well. I'd hate to think of doing that much work and then not liking the result. I love this top, and it's going to be the summer quilt for my spare bed, so I'd better get it quilted soon. It looks so fresh and cool, but antique too. I'm glad I used the conversation prints, it really brings the blocks to life.

And today I even managed another finish; this tabletopper from November 208. It only needed a row of 2" strips around the outside, I can't believe I put this off for so long. But it was a super easy way to cross another UFO off the list, and I'm going to quilt this quite soon, because I will love having this on the table and admiring all those scraps.

Every year Mereth and I choose a word to focus on; this year my word is Record. I want to start recording my stash-busting efforts, the fabric that comes in, the UFOs that are on the shelves, the projects I start, the quilts I finish. But 'record' can also mean the highest or best achievement, so I'd like 2010 to be a record year for the number of quilts finished and goals achieved. With that in mind I'm off to the sewing room to start writing down what's in all those storage containers, and I'm going to label them all too. Hopefully I'll be able to find things when I need them in future....


Laura 12:02 AM  

Record is in excellent word for 2010, in both contexts you mentioned. I am an accountant, so recording is my thing. If I write it down, I usually get it done, so making my initial list of UFO's back in 2005 and keeping it updated has been a tremendous help in not only getting projects completed, but also seeing how much I actually do get done, even when it seems like I don't. I also keep a fabric inventory, which may or may not be a good thing :-).

Laura 12:03 AM  

Oh, and I love that table topper! What a fun and interesting layout. You are always to creative.

julieQ 12:07 AM  

Very good word! I am trying to get my scraps books in order...a record, if you will, of my families life. So record in another sense is a great word for me! Love your nine patches...and poor baby dog!! And poor you, the dog sitter of the hour.

Paula 1:52 AM  

Both of your quilts are amazing!!! I love them beautiful.

pdudgeon 3:53 AM  

yep, i'm in agreement with you yet again!

i'm getting notebooks today so i can record my fabric in and out.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) 5:42 AM  

Your nine patch is gorgeous. You've done a wonderful job. I absolutely love the idea to use Record as the focus of the year. I hope it is a record year for you. I am pretty good about recording my finishes, but not as good about having finishes to record.

Chookyblue...... 6:07 AM  

love the nine patch quilt........

antique quilter 7:59 AM  

oh you know how much I love this nine patch and the quilt you used for your inspiration.
I have thought about recording what I make and use each year too. This is a year for me using what I have, you will see alot more scrappy quilts from me this year!
I always look forward to your posts and seeing your projects , you keep me inspired!

Bernadette 8:57 AM  

I love the double ninepatch but then I love all your quilts! Thanks for sharing all your lovely quilts and all the best for 2010

Tazzie 11:24 AM  

Love that double nine patch Keryn, the border is inspired - I always like a pieced border, and the plaid fabric is so pretty.
Happy New Year to you hon.

SC Sally,  11:58 PM  

I love BOTH pieces, but that little table topper is just singing to me! How on earth can I add one more thing to the list? How on earth can I not?......

Meggie 9:48 AM  

Poor sweet Dolly. Give her some hugs from us.
I love that table topper, the scraps look wonderful displayed as they are!

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