Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outback Girl asked in the comments where the quilt in the photo came from; as she has her settings to hide her email I'm answering her here. It's from The Quilter's Resource Book by Maggi McCormick Gorden. I don't know how available it is here in Australia, so here are the measurements we used to recreate the quilt.

The ninepatches are made from 1.5" strips, each little square finishes at 1" and the finished size of each nine-patch is 3". They are set together with 3.5" squares, to give a final block size of 9" (9.5" with seam allowances). I used 3.5" by 9.5" strips to make the sashes, and a 3.5" square in the corner posts of the sashes. There will be a small cream border of 2.5" strips, then a pieced border of the 1.5" strips, then a 2.5" border of plaid.

I'm almost finished the pieced borders, now if I can just keep sewing in between a visit to the vet, a 60th b'day afternoon tea for a friend and dinner with the DB and SIL, I just may see this finished in 2009.

Pdudgeon asked in the comments if I could show another quilt from the Robert Shaw book, so here it is. It's called Carpenter's Square, and it's rather intriguing. I imagine you could make it look interwoven if you selected the colours carefully.

And another blue and white quilt caught my eye; love this Burgoyne Surrounded with the eagle border. That's on my list of things to do, but I may have pacing horses instead of eagles.

This book is giving me hours of entertainment, it's worth every penny, and I haven't even looked all the way through it yet. There are lots more pages to go.


Laura 7:21 PM  

Keryn, you are always so productive and creative. I have no doubt you will meet your final goal for 2009 and will finish the 9-patch quilt.

pdudgeon 4:28 AM  

Keryn, thanks so much for showing the blue and white quilt! i agree with you that the book is intreaguing; so much so that i sent my order in to Barnes & Noble last night. Mine will be here by mid-week next, and i anticipate many hours of OOOh's and AHHH"S to come!
I've been thumbing thru some old quilting magazines that i've saved and have come up with still more quilts to make from my scraps. I forsee many hours of stripping in my future! LOL.

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