Monday, December 14, 2009

The Chain of Arrows quilt is finished at long last, it sat waiting for it's binding for at least two months. I just couldn't get motivated to start it, but when I did sit down and do it I was finished in an hour and a half. I can't believe I put it off for so long. I love the finished quilt; I used a bamboo/cotton batting and it feels lovely and soft. Once it's washed I will decide if I like it enough to use it again.

Apart from that, the only sewing I've done is those mystery blocks, but that's enough. I can't believe that I would willingly sign up for this much piecing; 100 8"blocks, just before Christmas. Madness, but still a lot of fun.

Sewing the little leftover triangles seriously added to the amount of time the Step 3 units took, but it was well worth it. I have nearly 400 of these to add to my stash, and by a happy co-incidence I was already making 1.5" red and white HST. I have a container half full of them already, earmarked for a Pine Tree quilt, so I'm well on the way with these latest additions. I'm so glad that the colours Bonnie chose worked in so well with my own private plans, or I'd have 400 HSTs to use up in some other way.

And speaking of waste triangles, when I made my black and grey Starstruck quilt, I firmly put all the trimmed off triangles in the bin. I had a few doubts when the bin rapidly filled up, and I realised just how much fabric I was throwing away. But I was strong. Until Mereth saw what I was doing, and was horrified. She 'rescued' it all, took it back to her sewing room and produced this little block. Too cute.

On several visits to her place I needed something to do, so I sewed and pressed and trimmed the other triangles for her; and then seeing as I'd done all the work anyway I took it all back and I'm currently making a small quilt out of the pieces. So much for putting it all in the bin; I tried, I really did!

A friend was married last weekend, and it was a beautiful wedding. The flowers were stunning, and the bride left instructions that they were to be given to anybody who wanted them, and the excess sent to the hospital. We brought home a bucket of them, three shades of pink and an amazing green rose; there is something magical about masses of roses, they are just glorious. I hope the people at the hospital enjoyed them too.


Stephanie Newman 12:20 AM  

Hey Keryn,
Yes it is madness doing the CC Mystery right now...but you are in good company or perhaps I am mad too? I've begun step 5 and have perhaps 8 blocks together. Step 3 took forever double sewing those triangles, and its bizarre as I looked at them a few days ago and thought "I can see a tree quilt with lots of triangles here"- I see you have similar plans.
They're enticing- all sewn up and waiting for action, aren't they?

Meggie 12:29 AM  

Oh, those roses are just glorious! My daughter is getting married, but I know she will not want roses- she is the only person I know, who dislikes them!

Lori in South Dakota 3:03 AM  

the arrows quilt--are those just hourglass and railfence blocks? I really like it!! And the roses, I would have my nose buried in them 24/7. I don't CARE if they don't smell like "real" roses--they smell!!

Brenda 12:03 PM  

You make me laugh with your scraps. A great way to start my day.

YankeeQuilter 2:16 PM  

The CC is crazy but lots of fun. Those little triangle are like candy...I find myself spending way too much time with those when I should be working on the blocks!

Karen 6:08 PM  

The "Chain of Arrows" quilt is very interesting. I have never seen the design before. Was this an original for you or from a vintage quilt?

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