Sunday, December 20, 2009

As of today I'm on holiday, and I intend to get a lot achieved in the next two weeks. Mereth and I want to keep Millhouse quilting a top of ours every day, and we managed to do that over the weekend. Two down, and many more to go. Now I'm halfway through my Vintage Hexagon quilt, hopefully it will be finished this afternoon, and then Mereth will load whatever project she has planned. The workroom is going to be a hive of activity for the next fortnight.

I've already finished one jigsaw, and have the next one ready to go. That spells Christmas and relaxation for me, it's the only time of the year I let myself do puzzles. I love vintage ones, epecially when you can see elderly cars like this one, or people wearing strange fashions. Modern jigsaws are often pixelated from the digital images used, so I'll keep collecting vintage ones whenever I come across them. And I discovered another advantage of vintage jigsaws when I opened the box; the last maker has packed it away in three sections, which will make it much easier for me to get this 1000 piece puzzle finished.

My main aim before the end of the year is to finish a few more UFOs, and I chalked up number one yesterday. This Inner City is from around 1999, and I just couldn't seem to finish it; I always needed one or two more units to make the edges straight, and then I wanted it bigger, and then I couldn't find the right border stripe... and so on. But it's done now, and I'll hand quilt this one for a wallhanging; I love the optical illusion, and if it's hanging on a wall I'll enjoy it so much more.

The colours are quite drab, I can see that I may make this again in brighter colours. It was easy to piece, just half hexagons arranged in light, medium and dark. My stash these days is so much better than when I started this, I would be choosing from fantastic reproductions now; wouldn't it be silly to start another striaght away, when I haven't even enjoyed the satisfaction of finishing this one.

This afternoon I will get Bonnie's mystery blocks set together I hope, and I'll post the layout I've chosen. I just can't use another huge bed quilt, but I do need Christmas wallhangings and table runners, so that's what my blocks will become. I'll be all set to decorate next Christmas, thanks to Bonnie.


Debra 8:11 PM  

I love it! That's what happens when we let things sit awhile ;-)

Mary Johnson 8:26 PM  

I think it's gorgeous -- I love the fabrics.

Good luck with the quilt a day -- I'm going to have to have a marathon quilting session in January to get caught up again.

Jan Mac 8:45 PM  

I love the Inner City quilt too and think it's one you could look at for a long time without getting tired of it. Have fun with the jigsaw puzzles.
Hugs Jan Mac

sewprimitive karen 10:16 PM  

That would be fun to do some jigsaw puzzles. I just can't wait to see what quilts you work on during the next two weeks. The half-hexagon quilt...that is very interesting! Is that a classic old pattern or where did you get the idea?

Sheila 2:53 AM  

Love the 3-D Inner City. I saw another one this weekend and it made me think you'd really have to lay out the whole thing before piecing, right? Did you hand-piece this also?

Tazzie 4:03 AM  

Lovely lovely quilt Keryn, I love the pattern. I also recognise some of those fabrics from my own stash - they've been around for a little while now, just delightful.

pdudgeon 4:59 PM  

Inner City is an amazing quilt! i just saw the tutorial on how to make these split hexes, and am amazed at the dimention that you've achieved in this quilt. if you hadn't spilled the secret of the piecing i would still be sitting here trying to figure it out! i love how it all comes together.

koolkatquilting 11:50 AM  

Wow! What a fantastic 3D effect you have achieved! It must have been so complicated to piece - please don't tell me it's all done my hand! - Kathy

Karen 6:07 PM  

About the time you were making the Inner City was the time I wanted to make one. Never did find the time to do it. I like yours!

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