Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My goal of quilting one quilt a day was totally unrealistic, but you have to aim high, even if you know you'll fall short. So far I've done 5 quilts, but the grey Starstuck was given away without a photo. It turned out very nicely, and next time I visit my nephew I'll take a photo for the records.The Quidditch quilt has a simple allover cross-hatch, and the others have pantos. I'm thinking that I need to do one of my 'good' tops next, something thing that requires custom work. But which one? I have so many to choose from, I will just have to shut my eyes and point.

Our Dear Brother and Sis-in-law are staying for two weeks, so there has been socialising, and not much quilting or piecing. Out to dinner at the pub last night, and then four episodes of Prime Suspect; it was a big night, and no sewing was attempted.

I have another goal of finishing a UFO before 2010 arrives, which means I'd better get busy. I have to go find something that just need borders, or can be repurposed into a smaller finished object. And that is NOT cheating, you can look it up in the Rule Book. Heck, throwing things away is allowable, so making potholders instead of a QS quilt is definitely legitimate. I do need potholders, come to think of it.

But what I will actually work on is this quilt; I just need to piece the little outer border, so that's what I'll be doing today, in every spare moment. There are three other places we have to be today, and it will all cut down on my sewing time. How do people have a social life and still get to quilt? It's a good thing I'm staying up till midnight....


AJMC 2:51 PM  

I love and am inspired by the quilt top you are working on atm - could be just the thing to use up some 1 1/2" repro samples I have been given. I know it would be easy to work out with graph paper and pencil, but could you please tell me what book or magazine you have photographed?

sewprimitive karen 2:09 AM  

Beautiful, beautiful quilts. Sounds like you are having trouble finding enough time and yet you have so much done. Must be those late-midnight nights! Happy New Year to you!

julieQ 1:52 PM  

Love your inspirations...the little nine patches are so pretty...sparkly, kind of. Happy New Year!

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