Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is the layout for my Mystery blocks, it will make a large wallhanging or a single bed quilt. There will be a row of the Poinsettia Stars all around as a border, I'm hoping to get it all in one piece today. I love those Christmas Stars, they're so graphic. I'm going to have heaps of leftovers, but they will be pieced into table runners and banners, or maybe a tree skirt. I'm just concentrating on finishing the quilt first.

I quilted my Vintage Hexagons, and I love how it turned out. I used a new panto, Feather Fan, and I'm in the process of getting it up on the website now. I have dozens of new patterns to upload, things that I designed for customer quilts throughout the year. I know I'm on holiday, but I'm really enjoying being able to work uninterrupted, so I'll keep on with it.Some of these old fabrics are truly horrible, but I love them anyway. And some are so gorgeous that I would love to have metres of them.


julieQ 2:35 PM  

Yes!! Love your layout on your mystery quilt, and that is just what I was thinking too. I am going to try to use all the green blocks in the center (maybe with one leftover), and then border as you did with the poinsetta blocks. No other border for mine, it will be big enough already. I will not get to mine until after the New Year now...too busy, busy!Merry Christmas!

Paula 3:12 PM  

Very nice!!! :D

Jan Mac 3:58 PM  

I love your version of Bonnie's quilt and I love, love, love the hexagon quilt, especially the quilting. I just meander across mine so I really appreciate your beautiful quilting.
Hugs Jan Mac

murfstroo,  6:09 PM  

Isn't it fun how the ugly fabrics make the quilt. I'm constantly amazed.

bingo~bonnie 7:46 PM  

your mystery quilt layout is PERFECT! I did not have time to participate in that one but have enjoyed following. I really think that your layout is the best way to show off those stars!

I also love your scrappy green sashings :) Very "Bonnie Like" ;)

Love from Kentucky (who's usually in Texas, but not during Christmas)! ~bonnie

sewprimitive karen 11:42 PM  

The panto is sooo beautiful.

pdudgeon 4:29 AM  

love both quilts, and especially how you've put together the Christmas one. That new panto looks wonderful--reminds me of stacked heart sugar cookies!

Meredith 7:36 AM  

Nice Mystery Quilt. The yellows are great with that placement. It is fun looking at all of the fabric in the hexagon quilt.

pdudgeon 10:13 AM  

Merry Christmas to you and your family. thanks for blogging and letting us see all your lovely creations and quilting.

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