Saturday, December 26, 2009

The mystery quilt top is finished, and I am very pleased with it, I love that border of star blocks, it's so cheerful. To make the blocks fit exactly I made the side sashes 3" (3.5" cut) and all the others 2" (2.5" cut). That made all the measurements of the pieced centre a multiple of 8, and the star blocks fit perfectly. The little green border around the outside is 2.5".I should be good and quilt this so that it's ready for next Christmas, but I won't commit myself to that; there are a mighty lot of quilts in the queue already.

There are a lot of spare parts leftover, but they will find homes in other projects. I used up so much material, it was a great way to clean out the scrap drawers. Bonnie's mysteries are always fun.

Now that I have the design wall empty again I will have to choose a new project; there are two UFOs that I want to have finished by New Years Eve, but that doesn't mean I can't start something new as well. I have an elastic view of time, I believe it can be stretched to include all sorts of things, like 25 hours of sewing each day. Don't disillusion me....

My Christmas present to myself was this enormous book, which I have only skimmed through so far. It's a beautiful book, very good quality, and well worth adding to the collection. If you live outside the USA I can recommend the Book Depository in the UK; they have free shipping, and I've never waited more than 8 days for a book to arrive, which is pretty amazing.

Several of the quilts caught my eye straight away.

There's definitely a theme happening here.

I think I'll be making some string blocks very soon......


Vickie 5:20 AM  

Way to go on that quilt top is is marvelous it sure sings with the colour combos you have used,well done -cheers Vickie

sao 6:43 AM  

I love your SMALL Carolina Christmas - oh dear - now I am going to have to make ANOTHER ONE with SASHING!

sao in Midlothian, VA

sewprimitive karen 6:55 AM  

What a wonderful quilt! I wouldn't be able to resist putting it at the top of the To Quilt pile.

Kim West 11:00 AM  

Your mystery quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!

Brenda 1:33 PM  

Love what you have done with the mystery quilt.

I bought the same book a couple of weeks ago. I love it.

Quiltsmiles 2:34 PM  

WOW! Love the way you designed your quilt. Quite stunning. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Northern NY with a very White Christmas.


Mary Johnson 2:58 PM  

Your mystery top looks great! I started an Applecore quilt that I'm hand piecing and while I'm thinking it might be done for next year I'm not setting that as a goal because it might NOT be done by next year.

I also bought that book recently and have enjoyed flipping through it.

Quilty Cat 9:01 PM  

The Mystery Quilt has a definite Christmas shimmer to it. It's beautiful. How can you make it wait its turn? :)

Helen in the UK 6:53 AM  

Congrats on finishing your C CH top. I'm working on a wallhanging size too! The book you showed looks wonderful ... might have to check that out :)

Meggie 12:09 AM  

I have had a feast, enjoying your last few posts.
I wish you a joyous & healthy 2010!

pdudgeon 4:08 PM  

don't know how you do it, but you always make quilts i love! BRAVO!

could you possibly give us a sneek peak at the blue and white quilt on the opposite page from the one you showed in the first pic? that looks like it might be fascinating.

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