Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stash Report Week 4

fabric used; 8.5m
fabric bought; 5.5m
weekly total; 3m
Year to date; 71.1m

I bought some neutrals and cheddar; I can no longer say 'You can never have too many neutrals...' Yes you can, and I have!

The fabric used was for two backings; I've cut up some yardage for projects as well, but I'll calculate that when I finish piecing them, as it's too hard to keep track as I go.

I wrote a big interesting post to go with this, and Blogger ate it without a trace. And refused to give me the link to log back on, so I couldn't even rewrite it. Bad Blogger! And now it's too late for me to bother with it today. Hmmph!


Debra 3:34 AM  

bad Blogger! I so enjoy your posts.

Lori in South Dakota 11:56 AM  

Don't you HATE it when that happens??!! I laughed that you have so many neutrals, but I am getting low!

sewprimitive karen 4:50 AM  

Oh no, I hate to think I (and everybody else) have missed one of your posts!

Joan - South Island, New Zealand. 7:37 AM  

Love your work! I'm glad I've found your blog. I too am a twin. My sister and I were identical but life has brought its changes and there are differences.
Keep up your inspiring work.
Cheers from a New Zealand twin.

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